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What is Fun for You?


Some discussions in other threads, both about events and in this thread in particular https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/the-best-fs-is-the-one-making-the-best-out-of-you.10383/ brought up a question that I think about when I play games.

What is Fun for you?

I begin with the assumption that the purpose of playing games like Elvenar is some sort of "Fun." Diversion, enjoyment. In general, we're not paid to be here. We do this because we want to. Because we find it somehow engaging, diverting, worthy of freely choosing as a way to spend our time.

So ... what is Fun about Elvenar for you? I expect there are many answers, and these answers can inform us about different approaches people have to the game, why one size might not fit all in terms of advice, and why it may be that there is no one "right" way to for example run a fellowship.

I'll answer for myself. What I enjoy about Elvenar is the challenge of developing my city's economy. I like the aesthetics of it too -- that's why I play elf, because I like the way elf cities look. I also like the challenge of trying to optimize the balance of things, so that I have enough supplies and coins to build troops and complete buildings and research. But it's also really important to me to not be stressed too much about timing. Basically I love to live in a land of plenty and I don't like to make things too complicated -- even if that means it takes me longer to reach some goals.

I would call my style of play A Slow Walk Through Elvenar. I know there are players who are frustrated by any delay and want to progress as quickly as possible. That is Fun for them. Not me. I just reached chapter 4 and discovered that the mandatory squad size upgrades significantly increased my tournament costs. So I'm planning to hang around the beginning of the chapter for a while, pouring my KP into my and my alliance mates' wonders while I slowly upgrade my boosted tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 manufactories. In the meantime I'll collect lots of goodies from tournaments and have fun participating in events.

I also keep my city pretty small. I have placed my province expansions, a couple research expansions and one premium expansions. But there are about six research expansions that I haven't placed yet. I plan to place them when I start getting into the guest race chapters and suddenly need lots of extra space.

Some people might see this as "handicapping" my city because I can't fit so many good things in there. I like the challenge of having a little less space and making the most of it. It's like a closet. No matter how big your closet is, it will never be big enough -- having a smaller closet just means being selective about what clothes you keep. My smaller city means that I am very selective about what culture and other buildings I have. (If you want to see my city, I'm actively playing on EN3, Felyndral.)

For a lot of people, my style of play would be maddening. It would be the opposite of Fun. But that's what's Fun for me.

What's Fun for you?


Very nice question.
Here are the 3 things I enjoy the most:

1. Planning my city. I don't keep it small like you (I don't think it's even possible in my chapter - halflings) but it's still a challenge to put in all the buildings I want. Some because I like the way they look and some because I need them to make my city efficient. Plus I need to have enough space for guest races. (Needless to say that discovering Elven architect was a blessed day for me :D) I don't particularly enjoy guest races because I feel like they clutter my city. So lately what I try to do is take a lot of time between guest races and enjoy the free space and what I can do with it and then rush through the next guest race as fast as I can.
2. The events. I have enjoyed most of them so far. I love planning the quests (so I never have long breaks) and also what daily prizes I want to try to get. And then (back to my first point) how they will fit in my city.
3. The FA. I love doing those! :D I am in charge of organising them in my FS. I love the challenge it brings (planing the best path, keeping track of the items) and also the "second level challenge" of coping with some of my fellows that are less inclined to communicate (I guess it's frustrating and fun at the same time o_O).
One of the most popular feature here is tournaments (and you like it too) but it is not something I enjoy. I do participate regularly and I'm always in the top 3 of my FS but it's not something that I find fun. Probably because I mostly cater so it takes away a lot of my resources and also because a lot of my fellows don't do more than the minimum (as in less than 200 points). So I invest a lot but the prizes at the end are not that great :confused:
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Having fun with this game means two or three things for me:

Firstly I build my city for aesthetic reasons only. This handicaps myself, as you say, but I see nothing wrong with that. My city has at least one of each residence level at least between 8 and 28. That would make no sense if I wanted to play for points or city power. I like to give a lot of thought to how I want my city to look and having as much variation as possible. I won't ever let Inno take me in a direction or build a certain building if it doesn't fit in with my plan.

Secondly I get fun from building my fellowship, seeing us get more successful and seeing my friends flourish on whatever path they have chosen. This leads to me also deriving a lot of fun from playing in tournaments and getting those rewards for everyone.

Thirdly (or perhaps part 2b) is I feel that I now have friends here. This one thing is the most powerful draw of the game. Without the group then I probably would have lost interest a long time ago so perhaps that's the most important one.


I am curious, why not L1-7 if you're going for the full collection?
Good question. The worst thing about the smaller residences is how often the bouncing coin icon appears above the houses. I wish that they would let you change it so the collect icons don't appear for a couple of hours. Sometimes I think I should have a 5, 6 and 7, but even those size of houses become fairly unnoticeable so I'm fairly comfortable with my sole level 8 representative.

MinMax Gamer

The worst thing about the smaller residences is how often the bouncing coin icon appears above the houses.
I know the feeling - it was really annoying to me before. Now, I rarely collect from residences (maybe swipe once a day), so I am pretty much used to coins floating over all residences ;)