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Well, someone has to be first ...


So, once fellowships go live (in the next few hours), I'd like to join one !

My main interest is fair trading of goods, and lots of it :)

My boosted goods are steel, scrolls, and elixir (just about to unlock the last boost), so I want to trade those for marble/planks, crystal/silk, and magic dust/gems - I've found a few friendly traders in my area, but there are a lot of inactives too, and no-one seems to have much planks or silk (and I'm the first to reach tier 3 goods in the area, it seems). It'd be awesome to be able to sell off all my non-boosted manufactories and rely on trading for the goods that I need.


hey jixel :) I would be interested in joining with you. I am only interested in trading and my boosted goods are planks, silk and gems. I am behind you though and am only half way through tier 2.


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Hey jixel I have a Fellowship and you are will anytime. You are way in front of me but you can take a look and see if you like the group. Karis Sundari Covenant is the name of the Fellowship