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Closed | Contact Support Weird name changes in chat and messages


Now this is one thing I unfortunately cannot prove, because I don´t have the screenshots for it, but it has happened at least twice and one of those instances was not me ;)

What I noticed was that a message in the chat was sent by a certain person, later when I went back in the chat the same message suddenly showed a different name (both of course from our FS)
Someone else noticed the change of names in a message thread. Two different days, two different places and two different pairs of FS members.

The only thing I can see that the pair shared was the same avatar. The first pair was using the same new avatar, but the other pair used an AW avatar, and not a recent one.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

So far this hasn´t caused too much trouble, more entertainment, but it can potentially wreak havoc on KP swap chains... I guess for now we just make sure we all have unique avatars...


hello @Gargon667 , thanks for the feedback! If you ever come across this again, it would be lovely if you could contact support in-game