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weekly players searching for a weekly FS on Arendyll



This is a strange demand but we are always too short in points because we have some weekly playing fellows who are of no use for us and also are requiring no help from us as they are only playing weekly, never trading, never talking, never asking...
I don't want just to kick them out, so I'm searching for a fellowship with no other goal than playing from time to time, doing no tournaments, no FA, accepting low visit rate, no trading, etc...

Please contact me ingame through YouTOPIA member list as my pseudo is horribly hard to type... ;)

Thanks for them, you will never hear any complain from them...


Surely they are adults and capable of finding a new FS suiting their needs? I understand your reluctance to kick them, but finding them a new FS shouldn't be a task for you.



We are looking for active players who will do those in our FS, not really for members who just play to build thier own cities, but to actually participate in the FS. So these ones wouldn't really suit us.

Thanks for asking though Tonton,

Kind regards,



This little message to inform players that we won't hire any app-only players until the mail will be implemented on the app.
Inno has released a half-working app to get more clients, again thinking to more cash opportunities before to think to clients' comfort but this game can't be played as a team without the mail to coordinate Tournaments or FAs and to share other day to day important notifications... The chat is not enough.

Thanks for reading