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We are looking for active players!


We are looking for economically aggressive and tournament active players from the middle phase of the game (preferably, but not necessarily).
Preferably from the Balkans: a smaller language barrier - easier mutual understanding -> a more successful game.
Do you have resources - you have everything!
What we offer:
- a really active group - over 80% of players are active every day;
- Most players have good experience and can help you with many tips;
- In the weekly tournament we win 7 or 6 chests;
- in the tournament ranking we are confidently approaching the top 100;
- In the last adventur we achieved 5th place;
- active participation in trade;
- a quick response when needed in a chat;

The core player is from Bulgaria.
Conversely, the chat is mostly in Bulgarian. But we have players from Australia, Iran, Malaysia ... and we get along well with them in English. :)

You can play with us even football! :p

Стормер ФСА.jpg
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We are looking for players who want to win ten chests in the tournament.
The level of development or the type of resources are irrelevant to your acceptance - a player in Chapter Two can earn 1000 points.