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War or Peace Needs You!


We are a small fellowship with no rules except to have fun and grow your city your way. But we've got your back with visits, trades, and support. Just starting out? Let us help you grow! Tired of the restrictive rules and pressure of other fellowships? Join us and help our fellowship grow. We are "War or Peace." Come and check us out!
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We just finished the Fellowship Adventure and came in at number 91. That's a great showing for a fellowship that only has 13 members! It just goes to show you what a great bunch of players we have in our group. We work well together and help each other out. And every player makes a difference. If you want to make a difference, come and join us!
Hi StubbornSquiggle42,
what a great name.

I am still in a FS that came 42 on the list.
The ArchMage seems a bit all whip but no carrot
I posted the link to the Spreadsheet in my FS for the Adventure
and got told off for not first posting it the the Arch.:(

I don't mind rules and a bit of competition .....
I am from New Zealand, so most are in bed when I am playing (11 hours difference)
Mutual support is important to me.
My boosted goods so far are steel and scrolls.

So I am sounding out other Fellowships
before 'jumping ship' :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Magical,

It doesn't sound like your current fellowship is much fun. You would find us a much easier-going bunch. Participation in fellowship adventures, tournaments, etc., is strictly voluntary; although if you ask for help, say, to reach a chest in the tourney, we would do everything we can to help you out. And we don't have a strict hierarchy of authority. Everyone has an equal say. (I thought that spreadsheet was absolutely awesome, and you did your fellowship a favor by posting the link, in my opinion!) We encourage our members to visit each other as often as they can and to help with trades. And we are happy to offer advice or answer questions or just visit in chat. We have members in the United States (who are up all hours of the day and night--weird sleep schedules) as well as Australia and Canada. So you would probably find someone on line at the same time you are. We would love to have you join us, if you're interested.

Good luck with your searching, and I hope you pick us!

Hi Squiggle,
I appreciate your kind response.

So, if I want to join your FS I would look for "War or Peace"?
Ok, will do it.
Look for me, 'Magical Inner Being'. if I don't find you first.
This is great Fellowship!
I felt very welcomed by it's members.
My understanding of how some of the things in this game work
has grown a lot thanks to the chat with the friendly people!