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Vision Vapor and Crafting


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Did you know what Vision Vapor has to do with crafting?

If you open your Magic Academy, you can see four tabs: Produce - Crafting - Enchantments - Upgrade. Behind the tab 'Crafting,' you can find five different sections with items to craft in the bottom half. Each section has on the top left corner a colored sash according to the value of the item (green, blue, orange, or purple). The top right corner shows a 'green strain' and a number. This means that crafting this item gives you the stated amount of Vision Vapor. Below the picture is an egg timer with the time it will take to craft this item. At the bottom are the amount of Spell Fragments and the amount of Combining Catalysts needed to craft this item.

Please select one of the offered items and click on them. They will get shaded and marked in process in the bottom half of the window with an egg timer. In the top half, you can see your item in the middle. Below the picture of your craft is the progress bar with the time remaining for completion of the craft. Below the bar is the offer for the fast finish via diamonds or time boosters.

On the right-hand side of the top half is a chest in a glass bauble with a progress bar below it showing the symbol of Vision Vapor and x / 100. When you reach 100 / 100, this bar turns into a green bar with 'Collect.' You then can collect one of 3 options from the chest. The prizes of that chest can be buildings with lots of culture, time boosters, knowledge points, and even diamonds.

Between both halves of the window is a bar that shows from left to right:

- Amount of Spell Fragments in your inventory with a '+' button which leads you to the disenchant option in your inventory
- Amount of Combining Catalysts with an 'i' button explaining where and how you can increase the amount of combining catalysts.
- Egg timer with time till the recipes will get replaced with new ones
- Button to fast refresh the recipes for 50 diamonds.

You will notice that when you have crafted an item, its picture in the bottom half is shaded and has a green tic.