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Very Active Fighters required

We all reach the spire top, we regularly take all the extra chests and top the Tournament Table.

We are all very active players, spread across the world so we buzz 24/7.

We need no rules other than respect for the FS and it's members.

We are looking for players like us - main city, very active, spire top, solid Tournament record, chatty with :D

PM any mage @The Warlord Owls
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Elvenar Team


Tourny No1 - over all Winy servers. What's not to like? Edit: but not No1 overall, unfortunately, at the end :(
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We just won all 19 chests in every one of the last 9 Tournaments - and we're still looking for very active fighters to join with us.
If you like the view from the top of the spire and a desire to turn your respectable Tournament record into something WOW!


We're a Team. We have mages because the game structure requires it but the driving force is the Team.
We're friendly - chat is LOL. Our one rule - Respect - underlies all that we do.
Most any Team member will tell you that The Warlord Owls is the best FS on Elvenar.

Contact any mage - I knew they did something:) - and see if you would like to battle with us
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We're a great group of tournament players who have just achieved all 19 chests with 21 players, if you are a keen tournament player contact one of our mages for a chat about joining