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Update Discussion Version 1.94


Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the update to version 1.94.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Lots of little fixes, that's always good.

There is currently a spire going on, in which it seems you will be making changes tomorrow. However, does that mean we will be receiving the "nerfs" to the solo player reward options BEFORE we get the multiplayer rewards to compensate for that loss?
If so; boooooo @Muf-Muf


Moved a reward of 4 Combining Catalyst reward from the third Guard Encounter to the Multiplayer rewards. A reward of 2000 Spell Fragments takes its place.
This is the one thing that caught my attention. I only play the Spire (part of it) to get CCs. If you're taking that away then it will take away the reason for playing it... I can't see it pushing me to suggest that the FS takes part in the group event... in fact I know it won't.

2,000 spell fragments is laughable. Do the devs not see that spell fragments are now 100% worthless. Everyone (or at least everyone I speak to) is gaining more of these than they can ever use. It's been months since I've had a need to disenchant anything, unless it's for an event quest. If you gave out 1 million fragments then it still wouldn't be an attractive prize.


This is the one thing that caught my attention. I only play the Spire (part of it) to get CCs. If you're taking that away then it will take away the reason for playing it... I can't see it pushing me to suggest that the FS takes part in the group event... in fact I know it won't.
Doesn't every spire-player in an FS automatically take part in the multiplayer aspect?
The points everybody gathers will simply add up at the end and give you the CC's. Getting 60 FS points will already give out 5 CC total. GUARANTEED!

That's 3 people doing a full map 1.



I admit i was against it as first when it came to beta, but since I've played it i'm really happy with it. Just doing the first 4 encounters can get you 2 x 5 hours which is great really and the 1 CC isn't bad either.
And if you and the fs get enough to do the whole 1st level then you get 7 x 5 hours as well as 5 CC, 50 diamonds and 10%pp (as long as its the same as in beta). That makes doing the first level worth it to me, as the time instants can supply the troops needed and still have some to spare, and thats without the individual rewards.
However i don't support making the individual rewards worse if you aren't releasing the multiplayer at the same time (reminds me to much of other nerfs we have had in the past)


Putting a 10% PP in a big boss chest is laughable IMO. Especially since you are replacing something much more valuable and that is a teleport spell and placing it out of reach of those FS that will only do the 1st level on average. To get that 1 teleport spell a lot of players in a FS will need to complete 2 levels and I don't see that happening, at least not in my FS. So a player like me who usually completes 2 levels will have 2 less chances at a teleport spells. And those players who can only do the 1st level will have 1 less chance to get it. Basically you are only making it better for the big FS as usually. They get all the perks of 10 chests in a tourney and will get all the perks from the spire. And and that helps them grow even more. While the smaller FS keep getting weaker because they can't achieve all of that.

Sir Derf

Um, well, yeah?

Yes, a stronger FS will go further than others, and will get more rewards for having gone farther. And a weaker FS will not go further than others, and will get fewer rewards for not having gone further. How else should this be?

Or maybe you should look at it this way...

The stronger your FS, the further you can go, and thus the more rewards you can get.


I don't see the harm in rewardingly those who work harder and achieve more that's fair.

What seems unreasonable to me and where I can see Hekata's point is that unless I'm mistaken the Teleport has been taken from the first and second maps solo boss prize and put instead in the second and third maps fellowship boss prizes. That change of maps seems harsh.

Taking it from solo and putting it in first and second (or first, second and third) fellowship boss prizes would be fair enough. It's the absence of the prize altogether from the first map now as far as the boss is concerned that seems a blow.

If it was up to me I'd say the first and second fellowship map boss (chests 4 and 8) should have the Teleport spell and chest 12 should have a blueprint instead which would make completing all 3 maps worthwhile.
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Spire balancing changes = someone will win and someone will lose. A bit like life

We have an event running at the moment where almost everything is random but the spire needs changes to prize chests that for some reason will be locked in forever and not changed. Surprise me. Imagine the interest and suspense if some of the main chests (not talking about the mystery chests) are different each week. Imagine the excitement when one of your teammates says “OMG there is a wishing well (or whatever floats your boat) in one of the boss chests”. Different every week - make me look forward to the spire please.

Yes, wishing well is an inappropriate prize for the spire but it is the prize I get most excited about. Don't really care what the prizes are as long as they are something most people want and change weekly - a blueprint would also be a nice prize if sometimes rotated through the chests

Why can't the spire have a flavour each week like the tournament? Forget about balancing - make plank week awesome and dust week just ordinary


Genie is a prize in the Spire, its a better version of the Wishing Well.


@Muf-Muf maybe you can help me understand what happened.
Prior to the update I was in the middle of a 55 ribbon quest (supplies) after the update I had 2 quests for 40 ribbons each, both for supplies. I did those then went back to having one available quest for 40ribbons?


Has the event had a nerf half way through? @Muf-Muf

My quests this morning were worth 40+ ribbons, now they are in the low 30+ ribbons.

It seems the old 180 quest system is back instead of the 132 quests, I'm back a category judging by the quests I'm now getting.

Sir Derf

By my count, which might have been off, my singular quests yeasterday announced that I had finished the main questline when I finished the 130th quest. That one was worth 57 ribbons. I then completed the first 20 ribbon bonus quest, and was hanging on the second one overnight.

This was, I believe, before whatever wackiness we are currently undergoing happened.


bloody hell, I just got a refresh and now I'm back to 2 quest windows for 20 ribbons each, what the hell did ya's do during that update...........boo hiss


I did a large number of quests today after the update, for a lot less ribbons. I did notice, but I thought you were just being Inno again, nerfing without telling, so I continued doing my quests (didn't want to halt progress because it'll be hard enough to get the main prize fully evolved as it is). However, it's now back to normal again (by the looks of it, or so I hope), but I did miss out on a bunch of ribbons because of this!! So are we going to get compensation for that??!


So, not only did the update completely screw up the Event quest prizes but on top of that imagine my joy opening the final prize of the Spire Gateway. After tens of thousands of resources and countless stacks of troops I get a:

a 10% Portal Profit. In the final chest.


Its not like I could craft that from all the spell fragments all the other trash chests reward.. oh wait. Well, at least its not a price we can get from a different trash reward, ever other day... OH WAIT.

I have a suggestion/idea for you: Judging from the overall quality of the game I must assume that the Dev team is not completely and utterly thoughtless. That only leaves one explanation: they seem to have a penchant for mocking and antagonising players. So why don't you put unicorn or two in the final chest of a Spire Level? Or maybe a chess set piece? I mean, why be shy? Go all out! Since your multiplayer feature basically bullies us into doing at least something in the spire, regardless if the individual prizes art worth it or not you don't have to hide behind pretense anymore! Throw in some relics as Level prize! Or 2KP!! Who cares anymore?

The Spire is dead for me. And every time something like this happens my desire to log back into the game becomes a bit less.
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