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Update Discussion Version 1.85

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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming update to version 1.85.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


There's quite a lot of "tinkering" type updates. They all look pretty nice, but it's mostly cosmetic without really addressing many of the concerns in those areas.

The little notification face-lift looks quite nice and is an improvement, but isn't a substitute for actually being able to filter notifications or see each type separately - I hope that is still coming.

It's nice to have the sentient filter in the trader too, though for me it's only a 'nice to have' as it doesn't really do a lot more than just filtering on platinum demands, for me. I think others have been waiting for this, though, and for them I guess this will be more meaningful. Again, the real help would be in being able to intuitively filter the trades to remove cross-tier or poor value trades. A true "advanced filter" to allow people to tailor it exactly how they want is the real Holy Grail that I hope is coming.


Minor fixes, UI improvements, little facelifts.
And yet another recipe to the enormous list already in the crafter, showering us with recipes we do not want.

Not a very impressive update. Sorry, it just isn't.

Still hoping that one day we will see a fix for the tournament discrepancy between those who got all the SS upgrades and those who didn't.


Appreciate the ability to filter sentient good trades but like many people what I'd really like is to filter cross-tiers.


And yet another recipe to the enormous list already in the crafter

Could some of the other recipes that are not getting much use be removed pls. There are several 2x2 culture buildings that are hardly any different from each other. With 9 pet food recipes some of those could have gone.


In my opinion the changes to the notifications for NH and trades is pretty pointless as it doesn't really change anything and the new tab in the trader is not really any help either, it still does not do anything to fiter out cross tier trades.


On reflection I now may be of the opinion that even though I previously said the notification change was a cosmetic improvement I am now not so sure that it isn't worse before. The only reason is that the most important notifications, i.e. people joining or leaving the fellowship and people opening FA chests (not sure if there are others) now seem to stand out a lot less well than they did before as everything is now those very similar pastel shades.

This morning I've also noticed the 'X' buttons on Elvenar windows not working to close them anymore. I'm not sure if they don't work or if they are temperamental, but simply clicking away from the window into the void seems to still work just fine. Is this just my PC/mouse or is something there not functioning correctly? I know that the windows are not actual windows. They're just images disguised as windows, but we are all conditioned to click those little boxes to close them out so it's frustrating when they don't work.


with the tournament i now get the province completion screen before i've finished looking at the results in the 4th battle. which is a bit annoying
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Once you click away you see the results of battle 4 under it, but it's not logical that we see the results of the 4th battle after the results of the province.