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Update Discussion Version 1.75


Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please let us know your thoughts on our upcoming version 1.75.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


I like the look of the improvement to the battle preparation screens. Hopefully that translates well to mobile as I usually find that I can't see the same info related to which troops work best when I'm on the app. I always make sure to do round one of a tournament on the PC for that reason.

The thing that will still bug me about tournament fighting on the mobile, however (and maybe this belongs in the suggestions or bugs section) is that after you complete a province it automatically sends you to the lowest province on the lowest round available. What this means is that if, say, I'm doing 20 provinces, once I reach round 2 and start from province 1 again, the app keeps flying my cursor off to the 21st province as it wants me to do round 1 there... not sure if this has been discussed already.

Sir Derf

Elvenar went down for a few seconds, came back up, and it's now running 1.75. I was in the middle of tourney fighting and could see the changed buttons for troop selection.

However, I also could see an unusual change to the tooltips for buildings and their production. Buildings now give two statements about the production they are making. Immediately above the progress bar, there is the icon and statement of xxx/yyyy items (or yyyy items for buildings like manufactories which don't have early pickups), but above that is a repeat of the icon and a statement of the total production yyyy items. This is redundant information.


I can no longer use number shortcuts to give production orders with my workshops and manufactories. That's very inconvenient to start with but for the upcoming Fellowship Adventures this is a huge problem.


My thoughts are that it would be good if Inno could actually spend more time testing following software changes as the current release, like many before it, seems to have introduced more bugs than it fixed. :(


The numbers in production buildings are working fine for me. Perhaps it does pay to live in the second last time zone after all :)


I love the new Battle Preparation Screen very much! Also thank you for fixing the hover bug.


But latency and other issues are a bit worse - please see my Bug Report, now Archived. Hmmmm!! No time to write it up again, sorry, I did request it be left up for a reason.
I too like the battle screen improvements, with one minor issue. Once troop selection is done the information for our troops vanishes. We are wondering if this was intentional