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Version 1.7


So, when is the wiki going to get updated to include the info about the new AWs?


Anyone else have a "default window title" for the new AW's in chapter 3? Wondering if it is just me.

EDIT: NVM just another "hard reset required"
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Can anyone else not access the research menu after the update?


ok... i kinda like the new update (probably a minority)

4 issues i like to address:

- The new Wonders don't have a corresponding background building like all the other wonders. Hope this will come (does not need to be in mountains, cause that is full already.
- Runes are getting very hard to get now with 8 Wonders to collect runes for.
- No wiki entries on the new Wonders.
- With these 2 new Wonders and the 4 more that will come in next few weeks (see June Episode of InnoTV) I hope you guys are going to open up more space in our cities.. because it's getting crowded once more



- 1/8 chance at the moment to get a specific rune, yup it's getting harder but luckily tournaments are providing quite a few runes at this point. A neat trick is to break shards in your older wonders where you have accumulated a fair share of runes already. Once you have 9 broken shards, insert a rune in the wonder you want, if i breaks, you are still guaranteed to fill an unoccupied spot.
- I see a lot of players complained about this on beta, when a feature is still in beta which doesn't make sense because it may change which means wiki entries will change. The feature has just gone live not even 24 hours ago - I'm sure the wiki will be updated shortly with the new information.
- Next guest race is the best chance we might see a city expansion only. Other than that, it's all about city planning as it was previously with other buildings. If you want all the wonders, you are going to have to plan them since wonders will soon provide ranking points.


@everyone having problems with the research menu

I too struggled for some time yesterday to get it to work. It didn't work on my usual browser Firefox, but I did try Chrome and it worked. This indicating it was most likely a cache error. Hard refreshing did not work either but I did find something in my settings which fixed the problem.

On Firefox, click Menu - Options - Advanced - Network. Under the Cached web content option click on the Clear Now. Luckily this does not remove cookies and login data you have saved on your browser so it won't really affect your sites you browse. Just removes the old cache which is what you're wanting to do so a fresh copy can be downloaded and stored.
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Anyone else worried about the direction the devs are taking with their latest additions?

"Not enough players are building the Ancient Wonders... what can we do? Improve them, make them more interesting? Naaah! Let's make it so they add ranking points, that will make people build them."

"Tournaments doesn't feel rewarding enough.. let's add more ranking points!"

Feels like a lazy solution to me, maybe I'm just overreacting though. :p


What is even the point of the beta at this stage?
Are you following the bug report section on the beta server? It's full. There are much more reports than on this forum. They do catch a lot of bugs before the updates reach the en server. Not all ofc, but a lot of them.


Don't do ancient wonders because I find that it is too difficult to get runes. I am at the point where it is day+ to search a province. I finished the Elven ancient wonders but still haven't gotten enough of the correct runes to build the dwarven ones. Adding new wonders in the beginning of the tree just makes it more likely that i won't build any. The tournaments were not working right for me yesterday and I put in a ticket on it. Don't need relics need runes from them. Went through 8 levels on one before and got few runes.


Are you following the bug report section on the beta server? It's full. There are much more reports than on this forum. They do catch a lot of bugs before the updates reach the en server. Not all ofc, but a lot of them.

No, why would I look at beta bug reports? There will always be some bugs sneaking through, that is a given... game breaking bugs? That is... not unexpected from Inno. Fair call.