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Update Discussion Version 1.67 + Crafting


I have yet to see even 1 recipe that's worth the cost. So not liking this addition to the game...I wish that they had spent their time on stuff they promised us ages ago.


This (see attached picture) is a little expensive for ONE Portal Profit 15% instant, is it not?
While I generally agree with your remark, I must admit that today I crafted even just 10% Portal Profit instant. That’s even more “expensive”. Honestly, I’m not able to objectively estimate the cost. :) And being 5 technologies till the end of Orcs chapter (2 of them already with full KPs) and with the big event upcoming and with the huge change in event building stats between Orcs and Woodelves chapters ... suddenly it didn’t feel that expensive. :)

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i've seen a few good things to craft. others that i chat w/ have too. i can't wait until i get more crafting spells. it might not be so good if you didn't put the diamonds that you've earned into your magic academy. the dragon abbey was a good enough reason for me to do that a while ago.


I have level 4 MA and I do have dragon abbey (though owning it did not make me level my MA, cause I have more than enough spells whenever I need to use one). Currently the offer is for 5 relics, 2x3kp, 6x10min insta, and 2 low level culture buildings. and they definetly require more than those are worth.
Only thing I'm interested in crafting myself are the military buildings: Grounds of the Orc Strategist, Vallorian Valor, Enlightened Light Range...
Not often those buildings appear, but I've been able to craft one of each so far.
Exactly. maybe some small, space filling culture to fill in some gaps caused by oddly shaped sets


This (see attached picture) is a little expensive for ONE Portal Profit 15% instant, is it not?
At max portal level with a decent Bee it's about 3x3h productions for my Goldsmiths(8xL4), and just about 4x 3h of my Trapmakers(4xL4)

So...yes. 7 CC spells and 1350 SF is hella expensive for less than half a day's production in the Amuni chapter.
Compared to buying 2 military temp buildings or a Vallor forever building? No thanks.


First two things that come to mind:
1) Royal Restoration spell - is it still expected to arrive this year? Seems less and less likely...
2) An increased number of Broken Shards. Was mentioned back when tournament rewards were changed to include Broken Shards, and then promptly forgotten. It's pretty normal for players that are active in the tournaments to spend weeks with 10 Broken Shards and no way to use them. And that's without taking into account all the other sources of Broken Shards, such as Enar's Embassy or some set buildings. Why do we even have a limit on the number of Broken Shards we can hold? I don't think I have ever seen an answer to that question.


Thanks for the gift of Fragments and Catalysts :)
It appears to be unavailable on mobile tho?
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(Note that I got the gift in only one of my two cities. Fortunately in the advanced one.)
I got the gift in 2 out of my 3 cities, those where I actually use the crafting feature regularly. Maybe it is the reason why some cities are skipped? They never used this feature?


I got it in my main city - where I don't even have the MA. I have not used the Crafting in any of my cities. So that's not it.


I got them on mobile. Maybe some glitch in your case? (Note that I got the gift in only one of my two cities. Fortunately in the advanced one.)
It is one city per server per account. If you also game on the US server you will have gotten one.
You DO need to have a Magic Academy tho


Crafting works well broke buildings never going to place :) made some spells, happy days. Only thing I would say thats slightly negative is the amount of time after crafting that the picture of the bldg/item you have crafted stays in the window of the 5 options, where you 1st chose it. If that were altered to revert back to a different option, or possibly left blank then id give crafting a big 10/10:) for now it has to be 9/10.
As for the cost, as an avid tourney player,(PoP and EE spells over flowing) all it cost was the time missed not making MM spells, which ill make after Ive banked a good number of Catalyst spells. Free kps or time instants or even a building that can be broken up straight away and recycyled. win win all round i'd say ;)