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Update Discussion Version 1.5 - Tournaments!


Ok, I decided to experiment on this last Planks tournie.

I finished 98th. I got 19 relics.
One of my Fellowship members finished 14th... and got 23 relics.
Another Fellowship member finished 1st... and got 30 relics.

So like, my guys spent an incalculable amount of supplies and goods (supplies on troops and negotiating, goods on negotiating)... and they finish 84 and 97 places ahead of me... and they get barely a handful of relics more?

The tournament rewards are pathetic. Seriously.


why are you only referring to the neighbourly rewards as if thats the whole tournament reward?

Your fellowship member who placed first probebly made more like 250-300 relics and got 1000 permanent ranking points.
I don't have a clue what you are considering incalculable but on my main account I have placed 8 consecutive times on the t8 (first page) including 1 time the first place.

And I am not an old vet of this game since I started only last mid october, I started fairly late so I did not have 5m of each good or a trillion troups

My goods after 8 weeks of tournament play have depending on the tier not changed(tier 3) or dwindled from 500k to around 250k now (tier 1 goods)
and I lost about 50 troups of sworddancers 15 troups of sorceress and 30-40 troups of golems.

But I gained 250-300 relics of each type except for kristal since thats the 9th and last tournament of the current cycle(so all 700% bonus now). and around 6k permanent experience. not to mention the 1500-2k KP I aquired and that improved my wonders a lot (and will increase my ranking score as well from comming wednesday onwards)

I would not call that pathetic.


I don't think it matters what place you finish. It depends on how many checkpoints you clear. I finished 12th and only got 12 relics.