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Update Discussion Version 1.47 + Elementals


You may already have maximum production boost, check your main hall relics tab.
My trader is the same, there appears to be a world shortage of gum :(


Well that's a swizz then...a) anyone who has been playing long enough to get to Elementals will already have obtained enough non boosted T1 Relics to already be maxed out for this new boosted T1..also..b), Why have Platinum maxed out at 700% when my other 3, original, boosts are at 752% due to AWs boost, surely Platinum should also be AW boosted??....losing my will to live here.


Mountain Halls do not work for Sentient goods, but we MIGHT get a new AW that boosts Sentient Goods production.

Which world is it that has a lack of Tree Gum?


There is a lack of gum on Winyandor, I guess it will level out as more players unlock and upgrade the trader


Jeeeez..Finally got a trade on the trader for Gum....asking 3015 Platinum for 1050 Gum..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously...WTF


Now there are 2 people putting really stupid trades up...demanding 36200 gum for just 16200 platinum..or 40000 platinum for 20000 gum..I messaged one of them aking if these trades were meant for just inter FS trades and that if not, that they were very unfair. The reply??? I have my reasons
Oooooohhh, how very mysterious. Needless to say that player is one who seems to have already plowed their way through most of Elementals, has a thousand AWs at level 342...Inno really cannot get to grips with the real problems that cause most players to tear their hair out,


I can only say there are a few at the top for whom money is no object, and then the rest of us, so those with lots of real money need some trades to progress quickly through chapter 12, then spend the next few months complaining while winning every FA and Tournament in the mean time. Then the rest of the players yet to get there struggle through. Without the big spenders though the game would not get adequate funding so I suggest let them play their game and we will get there, as the game isn't a rush is it, as for me it is about enjoyment, and also meeting fellow gamers who are not in the rush of life. Time takers like myself who are no longer spring chickens. o_O


The Elementals.
What is there to say
I have lost the will to play.
New resourses great idea. New resourses for all great idea??? New resoures for the few??? Who do I trade with, oh yeah at the minute noone, logical.
I am off to find something else.


I am seriously considering joining you...no way of building my portal as I cannot get ANY Gum...stupid stupid idea this is...


Tree Gum is my boost in both Winyandor and Arendyll, but it will be a while before I can trade it.

On Winyandor I was busy getting my Martial Monastery to level 10, so I started a bit late, and even so alreay got tech locked once due to lack of Mana. Currently researching Tree Gum Boost, and then I need to research and upgrade the trader, too.

On Arendyll I am researching the trader (I researched my boost a few hours ago). But with just 1 manufactory it will be a while before I have enough to trade.


I'm boosted moondust in Arendyll and treegum in Winyandor, and not playing the "stupid" game of trying to get the max out of everyone else, I just put up 2* trades regardless of which world, makes me laugh though in Arendyll that some people are doing 1:4 trades when I can trade with the trader at just over 1:2 if I'm in a hurry ;)

My main tip would be to get the canals in as soon as you can, they don't need to be attached to the portal to produce minerals, plus there is a fixed amount per production.

I would also say that going slower actually produces better results - 2 cities, one on each server as above - my main one on Arendyll had more provinces waiting to be cleared on the main map, had more mana and seeds coming in, but the one on Winyandor is more advanced because it took longer to get through the tech and by the time I was at build manifestations I had more minerals waiting.

Also, there is a quest to give 100k mana, just leave the quest until you're building manifestations as your need for mana suddenly drops off, makes no difference to the city that I can see.


I think there's a serious problem with the output yields of the new T1 factories, compared to their HUGE population cost....

Consider the pitiful extra yield by increasing t1 factories to max (using elves and marble as an example.)

Current scenario – early in elementals chapter.

10 marble factories at level 24.

Space used – 200 (20 per factory). Right ? but wait, we also have to consider the space requirements (due to houses needed) of the population cost too.

Pop requirement of these 10 – 42,520. Assuming magic residences, and only considering the impact of marble factories, this requires 8.67 residences which take 139 squares. (its fair to consider fractions of a house, since we are only discussing one small portion of pop requirements.)

Total space required – including housing requirement = 200 + 139 = 339.

Output of 10 factories, assuming 5 runs of 3 hours and 1 of 9 hours, is 219k marble per 24 hours.

Let’s assume / hope there is some tangible benefit to upgrading factories to max level, ie 27, and to keep things fair assume no need to increase our overall production levels. What’s the impact of population, space needed, and cost ?

Yield on a 27 factory is 25.7% more than a 24. To produce approx. 219k a day on the same production runs, you need 8 factories at 27 (instead of 10 at 24).

Space used by 8 factories – 160. Great. Save 40 squares. BUT population requirement jumps HUGELY, to 6,529 per factory, so total pop requirement for 8 = 52,232.

This now requires 10.65 magic residences, which take up 170 squares.

So to accommodate the large extra pop requirements of the level 27 factories, the real total space required is 160 + 170 = 330. So only 9 squares less, than keeping factories at 24 (which is basically nothing.)

The actual COST of upgrading 8 factories from 24 to 27 = 1.23 million steel/planks, and 1.23 million sentient goods.

So for a huge cost, if you went from 10 factories at 24 to 8 at 27, you’d net (and considering true cost, with population factored in) – produce exactly the same amount of goods, and save 9 total squares in space, which is almost totally negligible, (basically a single square per factory) for a total cost of over a million sentient goods. .... is it really worth it ??


to make matters worse- if you arent lucky enough to have magic residences, and use regular ones. The extra 9,712 population required (for the same total output) takes you 3.5 regular extra houses, which take 56 squares. So you actually LOSE space, you lose the use of 16 squares for the pleasure and vast expense of upgrading. (and no extra marble)


Well me not really good at math but but but those numbers looked like DoomsDay!
So had to check a lil. Not looking at costs but ...

Production linked to tiles

Standard production+700% boost.
290=2320 Lvl 23
350=2800 Lvl 24
440=3520 Lvl 27

480=20.67% increase production
If tiles would increase the same:
18 tiles*20.67% = 3.72 tiles
win: 1.72 tiles

1200=51.72% increase
If tiles would increase the same:
18 tiles*51.72% = 9.31 tiles
win: 7.31 tiles


@ Pimpy. The numbers I used are solid, yours are somewhat confusing - - please check elvenarchitect.com, all the production numbers are clearly laid out there, with the costs too. Hope that helps.


Pimpy, your numbers are different from mine since I am using REAL numbers which include actual AW boosts. However, I have used the same AW boost numbers throughout, so overall my numbers are different but the end results and the point are identical.

In your numbers too, you note the difference between your lvl 27 -- 440 --- and your level 24 -- 350 --- is a 25.7% uplift, which is exactly the number I also used.