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Update Discussion Version 1.47 + Elementals

OK, so the FA is dead because the pit is unresponsive,
can't access tech tree (only background loads), full screen does nothing
and when accessing world map, it freezes at 50%
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Fun fact: Both the tech tree issue and the "World Map not loading" issue are major issues from version 1.48 on Beta, and were both fixed on Beta the same day version 1.48 was released.

Strange that both have made their way to version 1.47. Now let's see how long it will take for the fixes toi make their way here as well...


Learning point for Inno. It is IT good practice to launch an update when you expect the user base to be quiet. Not in the final few hours of a hotly fought timed team game!
Bugs happen - but the point is that you should be timing updates to minimise the impact of any unforseen snags.

Dizzy Lizzie

Ex-Team Member
Wherefore art thou tech tree? Was this update not beta tested before release? And why oh why would they release a new version in the final hours of an event???
refresh game then it should be there

Please clear cache if you still experience problems. This is always advisable when we have an update.