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Version 1.2


Dear Elves and Humans,

If you're looking to discuss the update to 1.2, this is the place to do just that! We would love to hear your feedback :)


A set of Quests introducing the Spells feature has been added
Aret hose quests mandatory, or can they be skipped?

Also, in the forum of the Beta I saw mention of some game-breaking bugs: buildings not showing up and problems with training units in the barracks. Have those bugs been fixed yet?


Hey shadowblack, thanks for your questions :)

Some of the new quests are mandatory, and some can be skipped. They occur very early in the quest line though so depending on how far you have advanced in the game, you may not get them. The 'game-breaking' bugs that have already been reported on beta, such as the one with the barracks getting stuck will indeed be fixed before 1.2 is released here


I still have Dwarven quests in the fairy chapter!



I still have spend 12 knowledge points twice in a row!

I still have too many quests!

But on the upside - my buildings have their roofs on!


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I'm no longer able to invest KP into my Fairy technologies.

Is it because I have not researched the Magic Academy or Manufactory Spell yet? And is it by design or a bug?


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I'm no longer able to invest KP into my Fairy technologies.

Is it because I have not researched the Magic Academy or Manufactory Spell yet? And is it by design or a bug?

I can't progress either and when I brought up the research display it was set to the area with the Magic Academy.


Another crap update. Seems these devs can't do anything right except for guest races. They've shown time and time again they're entirely out of touch with what the players want. Instead of making the magic academy better to motivate us to research and build it, they attempt to force us all to build it by blocking our progress in the tech tree.

Innogames, you suck. This update is bad and you should feel bad.


Not impressed whatsoever, regarding being forced to blow KP on something I don't want, particularly the magic academy.
Whats next? Now your gonna force me to build it and waste space on something a lot of us feel is garbage. You already sucked in a lot of players in the beginning and now they can't even get rid of the building.

Not up for getting into a long winded post, but the way this game is progressing, definitely not giving anymore money. In the beginning I liked the game and spent some loot to support it, as I try to do with all games that I like. Now it's getting so ridiculous, I may tolerate it for a little while as I have spent a lot of time to get to where I'm at, but definitely not spending another cent.

I really enjoy how you jacked the cost of upgrades in fairies so high we either have to probably sell some buildings to make room for 30+ residences (As I have 10 and it costs 1746 pop for a scrolls MF upgrade) or buy the snail palace-NOT.
Maybe wouldn't mind the cost if we were given more room to expand with the game, instead of being cornered into buying snails.
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Hey folks! Apologies... the Magic Academy and Manufactory Spell researches are indeed now mandatory. This information should have been in the 1.2 release notes from the start, and has now been added. The reason behind this is that as with the AW researches it was always intended that these researches should be mandatory, as Magic Academy/casting Spells is seen as a core part of the game, just as the Trader or Barracks, or Builder. The researches were not made mandatory from the start for technical reasons, as if there had been a problem of any sort with the research it's far easier to deal with and affects fewer players if the research is 'dead-end' (ie does not have any further techs that depend on it or lead from it). Apologies once again for the omission of this information from the release notes.

I still have Dwarven quests in the fairy chapter!

Unfortunately it was not possible to fix the issue where some players are stuck on the repeating Dwarven quests after they start the Fairies chapter in time for 1.2. It is hoped that this will be fixed in time for our next update.


Totally not into being forced to research the MA. I have zero interest in it. No room, and it's useless imo. I've been spending less and less time on the game since hitting dwarves as it's impossible to progress, meaning there's literally nothing to do besides the incredibly boring clicking through rep quests or visits, both of which are awfully bad game design beyond a certain point. Don't feel inclined to spend my remaining diamonds either, so certainly won't be buying more. I'm disappointed since this was the first game I've found in years I actually enjoyed playing.


After the update that blocked my progression and forced me into completing provinces in order to continue I abandoned one world. Now you block me again and force me to go back and research technologies that are quite useless and that most of us, myself included, will never use because of such bad implementation.

I can't believe that in such a competitive market you ask for feedback and then totally ignore how negative that feedback is and instead of improving a bad feature you instead decide to ram it down every players throat. You must have some very dumb people working for you if they think that continually pissing off the player base in this manner, is a route to success.

Rant over, I'm off to find something else to fill my spare time.


The reason behind this is that as with the AW researches it was always intended that these researches should be mandatory, as Magic Academy/casting Spells is seen as a core part of the game, just as the Trader or Barracks, or Builder.

A little bit off-topic, but I'm going to make the wild guess here that the mandatory quest to build a barracks is going to remain mandatory forever. Ergo, I will never play through any of the storyline quests. That's sad news, but I expected that many months ago.

Back on-topic, the game developers have once again (forcefully) proven the direction this game is meant to take: research, build and play however you like - just as long as it's how we want you to.
In all honesty, there's nothing wrong with that. The devs have a clear image of what they want and can offer us, as well as where they want to take us in the future. Unfortunately, that future is starting to become such a narrow path, that I'm starting to wonder whether I'm going to continue to fit on it, or just fall off.

The last update had one of my most active neighbours quit the game due to the number of provinces required for unlocking the next chapter. This update has made another neighbour of mine consider quitting because they are being forced to research techs they do not want to. I have often considered quitting because I'm stuck on a mandatory quest to build a barracks that I have absolutely no use for.

...there appears to be a trend here.


Honestly i can see a lot of people leaving this game after the updates made to this game today, personally i have worked hard to get where i am now on the dwarf tech map now i have to go back and spend well earnt knowledge points on something i don't want to build, this should never of been made mandatory, well i can now see a lot of people leaving this game


If you insist on making the utterly useless, waste of resources, waste of space - and now forcing me to stop and go back - Magic Academy compulsory, then you need to make the construction times on spells much shorter, AND the upgrades beyond level 2 NOT diamonds, or you need to give us all free diamonds so we can all buy the third level same as you gave us all enough diamonds when starting to buy the third builder (although that's actually useful). Magic Academy is crap, and I've been advising plenty of ppl not to bother with it.


I have to agree to all feedbacks here. Another is that there are some great ideas suggested by some great players of Elvenar for better gaming but It seem got ignored and what's the point of having Ideas and Suggestion section if only to be ignored then give players disappointing updates. :( Players are starting to quit one by one.
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1. when will the fairies military stuff be sorted.
2. when will the non relevant declinable quests be sorted.
3. when will we have a fairy wonder
4. is the magic academy going to become a compulsory build.


I would suggest a spell that shortens my scouting time...1 and a half day is way too much!