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Version 1.168.


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the update to Version 1.168.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


I'm not a sufficiently frequent mobile player to be able to judge, I'm afraid - but if @BlueBlou is right, I'm now wondering whether improved zoom may be part of a general update to the game's City screen graphics? If so, I do HOPE a solution has also (and even if unintentionally) been found for the disruptive & intermittent mobile client graphics issue I've experienced ever since installing Elvenar on my phone, whereby the entire City screen suddenly and unpredictably turns completely black for no discernible reason which I've been able to replicate, despite many attempts to do so.

This can happen at any time between a few seconds to several hours into the game, and either repeatedly/once only/never per session, whether the City is zoomed in or out, and whether or not the player has yet interacted with the game client in any way, even including a single on-screen touch. In short, it's been impossible to discern what the problem could be, so I haven't even reported this to Support, since I expect the response would be the standard : clear cache, log out/log in again, clear Player Data, and/or reinstall the entire game. I've done all of that, in stages (trying to diagnose the problem), multiple times, over the past 6-9 months during which the game client has been installed on my phone, but all with no joy.

Incidentally, it's ONLY the City screen that is affected - not the World Map, the UI, or any other part of the game, which otherwise continues to operate apparently normally when the City itself randomly disappears into the void. It's a tiresome 'glitch', to say the least, and not unique to Android 12/13 nor my own [nearly new and commonplace Samsung Galaxy A13] phone, either, with another player reporting the same problem on iPad, although he has to restart the entire device, whereas I can just quit & restart Elvenar after manually clearing RAM (which the game sometimes doesn't do automatically upon being closed).

In fact, my first suspicion was/is that the game's very high RAM usage is perhaps the problem here, which at ~2.8 Gb immediately upon start-up, rising as high as ~3.2 Gb (before my Wi-Fi and/or phone will crash/freeze merely due to running out of RAM), is at least 10% higher even than some other famously RAM-intensive 3D/animated/Resource-heavy games I have installed, although none of them exhibits the same problem.

NB : That's nearly ALL of my phone's total 3.6 Gb (400 MB of the total 4 Gb is excluded for system purposes), which is IMO highly excessive.

@anonglitch @Silmaril @Herodite : If the problem I describe, above, has NOT been remedied, it needs work! I'm sure the devs will know either way, and I'd also like to know, too, because it's obviously impossible for me (especially as an infrequent user of the mobile client) to judge whether an intermittent bug has been fixed. If the mobile client were less inclined to be so buggy overall, I might consider using it more often... well, maybe! ;)


I believe the black screen is an out of memory issue. Logging out and back in fixes it, so the game could just do some decent garbage collecting and defragging, but it doesn't. Just your city screen gets trashed, go to world map, spire, etc, no problem. Not tried visiting another city, takes too long, but that might fix it too.


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Elvenar Team
This sounds like your device needs a cache clear @Laurelin as that usually resolves any issues like a blacked out screen, by removing the surplus stored outdated items that all devices like to keep hold of these days. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to support :)