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Version 1.159


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,
Please use this thread to discuss the update to version 1.159.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


I've just noticed the AW level is now shown when scrolling through the list on mobile.
This is great, thank you!


I personally have a problem where the Delete Account button is for app players. It is just below the log out button and I feel that is not the correct position for it. Either it should move to an entirely different screen or the Log Out button should move to an entirely new position. I do not want to by accident tap on the Delete Account button when I wanted to log out to go to a different world or city. Please, pretty please.
Since the update, the positioning of our troops in the 2- and 3-wave battles in the Spire appears to be random!
Before the update, the positioning consistently flipped. In the 2nd wave, positions changed like: 1->5, 2->4, 3->3, 4->2, and 5->1. If there was a 3rd wave, the position remained as the 1st wave.
After the update, this is no longer consistent. Sometimes they stay the same, sometimes they do not.

In the first set, they change positions, in the second set they do not.
Has anyone noticed this?

Screenshot from 2022-09-06 17-51-41.png
Screenshot from 2022-09-06 17-53-32.png
Screenshot from 2022-09-07 10-44-31.png
Screenshot from 2022-09-07 10-45-39.png


They have changed positions in the 2nd example, but the arrangement is symmetrical so it looks the same. The order is P-M-P-M-P (and so the reverse is the same). And if you look at the numbers you can see the priest that was in position 1 in the first wave is in position 5 in the 2nd.
Thank you @MinervaOz. That clarifies my nagging feeling that something was not right. I am just a visual person, so when the positions remain the same, it confuses me :(.

Sir Derf

Just noticed a new button to access Time Boosts on the popup-status for my Marble Manufactory that had never been there before. Looks like it's there on most other speed-able buildings (Factories, Armories, etc.)

Thought you could sneak that in on us unannounced?

v1.159.5-(3b874c2) - html5 (2022-09-08 21:53)