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Update Discussion Version 1.11


I am starting to think Elvenar is fundamentally flawed.

I've been gaming for years, and in my experience, the games get more difficult as you progress and you are required to spend more time on the game to the get the same results you achieved in earlier levels. However, with Elvenar, and each update, I am finding that I am required to spend less time on the game, since everything takes longer. The tournaments tend to impede my progress by burning through the troops and resources I need to unlock provinces and let's not get me going on how long it takes to scout. What do I do in the mean time? So, although things take longer, I am actually spending more time offline. I have logged back on to other gaming servers (avoiding INNO like the plague) and am playing games, that cost me the same, since I did spend money on Elvenar, to pass the time before I log on to collect goods/supplies & reset my production using hot keys. I do a couple of FS updates and get back to having fun, elsewhere. It is more admin than gaming these days.

I am only really sticking around out of macarbe loyalty to the fellowship I belong to on Arendyll and the one we founded on Winyandor - Ranked in the top 10 and 20 respectively. Not sure how long I will be able to maintain, as it is blow after blow from Inno.


I am starting to think Elvenar is fundamentally flawed. ... Yes and intentionally!

Why don't you restrict that we can't scout more provinces than next chapter require to open the chest. If you start restricting why don't you do this? Or make it like FoE... No progress through out the map. Can't fight, because units are too hard (you are not even there with the research I rather not start how much time does it make to build troops) Can't negotiate because you don't have enough (right) goods. And you are always stuck at the same place.

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As I predicted yesterday, all members of my fs that have reached the Orcs and Goblins, except for myself, have now left the game......well done Elvenar!


I am finding less positive things about this game every update.
I am not going to waste my time for INNO with a super long winded post which in the end doesn't mean squat to INNO. A lot of people have already expressed most of my comments.
You are slowly killing this game for me and now I am playing less and less.

They're probably all laughing in a back room somewhere stating,
" Ha Ha Ha they don't like feature, lets do this and really mess em up and make them do that or pay more money."
"Ha Ha Ha your gonna leave the game, Oh well we got money out of you" or "Ha Ha Ha your gonna leave and haven't spent money, good riddance".
I am pretty sure that's they only outcome from dev reviews on forums. See what they're complaining about and make it mandatory and cost money.

Any way got 4 words for this game. I'll leave the 3rd word to your imagination.
What a (blank) joke.
Elvenar was chugging along just fine until the Ancient Wonders; that's where all the ragequits have come from. I get that they're slamming the brakes on, I get that they need to slam the brakes on, new content takes time and costs money, but they've picked the most contemptuous way of doing it, and forcing people to develop tech they don't want is just inept.
Hello my player name is Twisted Soul and I played this game last year but quit and I spent a lot of Diamonds on the game, the reason I quit was because of all the glitches and bugs in the game. then I saw the new culture population boost Snail palace. so I thought hay lets give it another try so I rebuilt my city and purchased £100 worth of diamonds because I wanted to get to new culture Snails, I was going to buy around 20 of them so I could have some fun building a town my way, first am told to build Magic Academy, well said no to that is a waiste of time and room, then all the Provs get changed that require orcs ok well I'm still doing last bit of Dwarfs no biggy I can deal with that then am told that I now have to go back and spend almost 7 days unlocking AW'S THAT I DON'T WANT are you F...... MAD. and I spent diamonds upgradeing portal to unlock tech so what do I do with copper and gran for that 7 days. I do not wan't any replies from game mods because they are useless, in my opinion. look after the gamer what a joke. well I quit for good now. oh left a message for GAME MAKERS OR DESTROYERS in my town.

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I ask you all to please understand that my 'job' as forum moderator is NOT to defend decisions made by InnoGames.

As a Forum Moderator my main 'job' is to keep the forum clean from all kinds of 'inappropriate' language and thus keep it readable to forum users of all ages PLUS to grant enough room for all kinds of different opinions as well as complaints.

Also: On forum I cannot and will not share my personal opinion(s) on in-game things, since this might be perceived as me trying to influence forum users. Every now and then I might 'slip' on this, I do not perceive myself to be flawless, I'm just a person with feelings as anyone else here.

Another part of my job as Forum Moderator is to try to capture and forward as much opinions as I can in such a way (specifially containing valid arguments) that it can be used in the reports our CM forwards to InnoGames.

In doing so I try to make a difference in collecting and endorsing all kinds of opinions as much as I can - even if I personally might not share the same opinion!

The only 2 things I would like all posters to keep in mind - specifically in this heated discussion - are:

• Refrain yourself from using offensive words/phrasings. No matter whether it is directed at InnoGames or other forum users.

• Whenever you post something, please read it before posting and ask yourself how you would perceive your post if it were directed at you personally by another forum member!
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Well, tell Inno this, they've been beating us down and doing all the wrong things lately. Update 1.10 and 1.11, i am looking at you. It seems like they are trying to make us hate them.

There is only so much customers are willing to put up with. Many have already quit and Many more will follow if nothing is to be done to fix this mess.

Summer Solstice event is a good turn but even that won't stop all the rage.

People are feeling ignored, and every day this is left unchecked, the feeling will grow and it will turn to anger and that is what has been growing on forums and even facebook page.

If Inno does nothing and even worst, stays silent about this, people will just leave.


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Really? You have some sort of data to back this inane assertion up? How many people actually use the forum? How many play the game?
@ John Whiskyman, you took only a partial quote from what I said:
Most leaders of a fellowship read the forum
The whole relevant part of what I said being:
Most leaders of a fellowship read the forum and will pass on relevant information to their fellows - at least that is my in-game experience and also what I expect a good leader would and should do.
btw I indeed have some data to back up my 'inane assertion' ;)
as to how many people actually use the forum: 2.123 registered forum users atm
how many play the game: 25K players on Arendyll - 29K players on Winyandor

I do not know how big an overlap there is on players playing on both worlds, but I think it is rather safe to assume that most players on Winyandor will also have an account on Arendyll.


I have an account on both, only play one though.
Eh, 50K is not enough cash to support this game, unless people like it. We will now see if it goes under, of if Inno decides to bite the bullet and try listening.


I am starting to think Elvenar is fundamentally flawed.

I've been gaming for years, and in my experience, the games get more difficult as you progress and you are required to spend more time on the game to the get the same results you achieved in earlier levels. However, with Elvenar, and each update, I am finding that I am required to spend less time on the game, since everything takes longer.
Exactly! There is incrementally less to do, and it really feels like every update is designed to give people even less to do unless they pay. Fighting in tournaments does not count as something to do because it is incredibly boring. While I get that grinds are part of some games, elevnar doesn't offer anything besides grindy activity (neighbour visits, quest cycling, being forced to log on like clockwork if we use MA, tournaments). I realise there will be some people out there who cough up cash no matter what, but it seems unforsightful to plan a game based purely on the hope some people will do this, and I feel like elvenar is targeting people who will spend huge amounts of money to advance fast before quitting, as opposed to trying to attract long term players, and that hence the game was never supposed to be a long term project. Long term players are required to maintain social games, so in the end it seems like it's simply meant to generate profits and nothing else (I won't even get going on the negative moral aspects). Apart from it being enjoyable to see our towns grow and change, the "gameplay" is getting more boring and more restrictive, parallel to it being increasingly pay to win, or in this case, pay or get bored and quit. People stay out of loyalty to their fellowships more than because of the game as such, yet INNO does its utmost to force people to leave instead of encouraging that part of the game.

I've been stuck going absolutely nowhere since i finished the last upgrades from dwarves (at least 6 weeks ago). Last update: I can't acquire any more provinces, this update, I can't do anything besides upgrade housing and day/night farms. Exciting stuff. They only reasons I'm still playing are my fellowships and the fact my computer is too rubbish for most download games.


In the upgrade info it states that INNO have
  • Resolved the problem where all buildings in a city could show in top of each other in the top right of the city
Sorry, they haven't I still get this happening, not as often, but the error is still present


Where are the neighbors they are promising to fix?

Lime: Golden mines
Red: only serious player that is unreachable! because of:


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I am livid! Thanks a bunch. I now have to stop everything I was doing and research all the Ancient Wonders that have been added to the game? A bunch of things I'm NOT going to build? This could be the last straw.
totally agree...I have been gathering kp for the mushroom farm and now everything is blocked cause I am forced to spend 80 kp on wonders I really dont care about.I dont want/use /need aw!!!back to normal life,thanks iNNO FOR RUINING a game that was exciting and fun!!!!:mad:

and this is how you lose another 9 players...good job!bravos!it is indeed the last straw for me and most of my fellows


I feel the need to comment here that I cannot see the relation between having known we would be forced to research the AW's before and getting annoyed about it when it happens, let alone that we are bad players if we do not repeat everything we read in forum in game. I'm pretty sure all seasoned players knew this was coming - that doesn't make it less annoying. It's not the fault of people who read the forum when the devs implement annoying changes o_O No one who's advanced beyond that stage in the research is going to be happy about this whether they were expecting it or not, unless they actually want all AW's and already had the fairy ones ;P What's particularly irritating is that we cannot complete the particular tech we were already working on. In many people's cases, letting them complete their current tech would have meant they at least had something to do while grinding through the 100's of retrospective kps for this redundant research.


lol it\s like I am forced to spend my paycheck on a dress I really hate
am really not gonna spend 80kp on those useless (to me anyway) AW when I gather them so hard (since I am stuck with fighting and negotiating cause everything takes so damn long)

all the last updates and new features disrupt peoples games,everything is a mess


By the end of the weekend I will be at the same stage as all the high point earners in my fs that have left.........no way to progress further unless I use diamonds...which I am not going to do. I am at the same stage in Both worlds, very disappointing after spending over a year on here

Also have another high points member on the verge of leaving...thanks to the grinding slowness of the game now
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