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User Interface Verification or Redesign of Mage Function Tools


Because the options to promote or expel a fellowship member are intertwined with the choices to visit a member's city, it is too easy for a mage to accidentally click the wrong button and not even realize what they have done. We need to have either a separate dashboard for mages to use to promote or expel members, or warning messages requiring confirmation of these actions, or at the very least different colors to differentiate between the visit button and the rank selection button. And highlight the "expel member" in bright red so it's harder to select by mistake.


I agree with this, I have one mage who plays on app a lot return their status to fellow recently for fear of accidentally hitting the wrong button.


On the desktop version there is a confirmation message to expel someone. To kick someone out you have to first click on their name, click on 'Expel member' on the menu that comes up, then click the confirmation button. You need three clicks to achieve it, so it doesn't seem like the sort of thing you could do by accident. Not sure if mobile is different though.