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Valebat Insanis (Fellowship Crazy) - EN1


Love the FA but not so keen on Tournaments?

Looking for a fun group where you can relax without the pressures of weekly pushes for maximum tournament performances?

Valebat Insanis is a new fellowship where FA takes precedence over tournament play. The only tournament requirement is a push once every 4 weeks. The rest of the time it's a nice relaxed place to grow your city and advance your game, all while having fun with other members. Fair trades and visits encouraged.

However, we are a little nuts for FA here, so FA participation is a requirement. We have multiple seasoned FA Champs, both in participating and in LEADING FAs to 1st place finishes in our ranks.

No drama here. Just friendly people who like to go crazy every couple months over FA.

If this sounds like you, send an in-game chat to tat2mikki or HeroKarl2.

EN1 - Arendyll - Valebat Insanis
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