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Using spells multiple times on the app


I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug, as such, but I can't see it talked about before. Perhaps this falls into the category of suggestions, or maybe just one of those improvements that hasn't yet been made

  1. What exactly is the problem? Whilst using the mobile app it is impossible to use the same spell on the same building multiple times without going back to the menu and choosing the spell again. I call it a bug because it's always been possible to do this on the PC version. OK, maybe not a big problem, but just on those occasions that I need some mana in a hurry so I want to drop 20 EE spells on one building.
  2. Can you make the same problem occur more often? Yes, it always happens
  3. On what world did you encounter this problem? Arendyll
  4. When did you first experience the problem? When I first tried. Probably several months ago.


Personally, I haven't built the Dragon Abbey, but I think your suggestion greatly improves things for those who have. Moreover, I believe that the browser and mobile clients should behave the same wherever possible.

So, yes I like this idea.