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Update to 0.23


Hiya Amy :)

These bug fixes sound good, I know the bugs didn't stop us from playing the game....but they were annoying.

Even the re balancing of the taxes quest is good, as we did get to many tools for finishing it.

Just had a thought, yes this re balancing will be good IF.... we don't lose neighbors every few weeks, it won't be fair if we lose neighbors for more than 1 0r 2 days at the very most, having neighbors to visit is one of the central parts of the game, take them away and the game won't be worth playing.

Uni :)
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Hi, Great fixes coming, thank you for those.

one question...
  • Trying to create a Fellowship with a name that has two or more consecutive spaces is no longer possible

Will this affect the existing Fellowships? There are several fellowships names with more than two spaces.
What happens names for these fellowships?


It shouldn't affect what we currently have but that means you cannot change the name again to something similar - it won't be accepted.


Oops! Thanks firerock, and apologies folks - link should now work correctly :)