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Discussion Upcoming New Features!


I wonder if this has been beta tested before? Sounds like something that would/should have come up there already... It´s an easy fix though, so I expect they´ll take care of it in less than a year :)


It's not just you. I have good eyesight and struggle to see the colours too. Then I showed it to another player, who hadn't even realised the dot was there because it was so small.

On my screen, the green dot is just over 1mm in size. That is, literally, the size of a pinhead.

I'd rather not have the feature at all, than know it's there but not be able to use it! ;)
I don’t think it is there at all on the app so it’s still /who for me :)


I've noticed a difference between what /who tells me versus the online status in the fellowship page. Which one is right?


I imagine that server lag has a bit to do with this. You could set up a test within your fellowship. Ask folks that are online at a particular time to participate. Then set a time for particular people to log off and see how the dot reacts in relation to /who. You could test in the opposite direction too, as people are set to log back in at particular times. That would give a better idea of which is more accurate. But then again, they might vary in accuracy under different server conditions.


without having tested it at all: It sounds like /who creates an update when you type it and then you´d get the current info. The green dot will update depending on the settings for the auto-updates. so maybe it is only updating every 5 minutes, then it depends on how long after the last 5 minute update you look at the dots. You can get perfectly accurate info if you look at the second after the update, while you get 5 minute old info if you look 1 second before the next update...