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Research Unnecessary none boosted research


Hello, I can't be the only person that sees the upgrading research of unboosted manufactories is a huge waste of valuable knowledge points ( kp's ) and then in goods and coins also and not to mention the time taken to upgrade them. The kp's and goods would be a lot more use to us where we do need it. To my knowledge a big number of players will not build none boosted manufactories for various reasons but mainly as space is needed for builds that they do need. If the option to bypass those unnecessary researches could be left open to go back to at a later time if wished would in my opinion be a real boost for myself and the Fellowship and make the game much more enjoyable for all rather than the costly chore it is now having to research them.

Having those wasted kp's and goods could help not only myself but my Fellowship by
  1. Freeing up kp's and goods for personal research.
  2. Freeing up kp's for helping friends and fellows to upgrade Ancient Wonders.
  3. Allow people that can't be playing for hours on end to progress at a steady pace and not leaving them feel it's not worth the time to do this.
  4. Leaves more goods for trading with everyone else and making their game more enjoyable.
I do realize the game is not a race to see how fast you can get ahead and i know how it feels so good when you do manage to finish a task you have been working on but lets keep it reasonable. Step into the real world for a moment and compare the results of say the head of the house cooking a full blown Sunday roast for lunch, they would not even think of making some cheese and tomato sandwiches to put on the table too because they would be a total waste of the food and time taken to produce them as they will be ignored for the roast which they know is going to be a lot more filling and enjoyable also with the amount of food for the roast space needed on the table plus place settings the sandwiches would be a waste of space.

I do think this would encourage more people to help others with upgrading Aw's and trades making everyone feel it's a real good community to be part of.

I hope this makes some sort of sense to you.
If you read this far thank you for taking the time:)

Regards: Poacher
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I agree... but then I think all researches should be optional, giving you the option to choose the path of your city, leading to many more unique and varied cities.

I also think that I should be able to skip building upgrades that I don't like, such as the awful level 16 and 17 human houses that look like dodgy 60s built blocks of flats.

Sadly, though, right now the game is almost completely linear.