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Ultimate Power in chapter 19 to give, well.... the ultimate power


Currently Ultimate Power in chapter 19 research gives a portrait, but if it gave lowering of tournament & spire squad size instead, it would be such an attractive option. I believe, that it would make players that don't want to progress in the game since tournament formula changed, to reconsider their game strategy and it would give us more trading partners for ascended goods. When I first saw that tech in research, I was so excited, but since I found out that it's just a portrait, I cannot describe my disappointment!

Silly Bubbles

I'm waiting for a chapter that will make the tournament easier and everyone will rush to reach it. It could be a new building that costs lots of goods that only hard core players can upgrade it. Maybe Ch 20? Anyways, I love dreaming :D


'Just started Ch XIX. The real world will be carbon neutral before I think about any Ch XX :cool:

Rare troop boost instants from the MA help with fighting the first 10 or 12 tournament provinces. After that it just costs a ship-load of goods, orcs (!!) and mana anyway. :rolleyes:


So anyone has already unlocked this research? Does it gives at the end only a new portrait and nothing more? Nothing to reduce tourney squad sizes? Anyone can spoil us of which is the new portrait, does it look cool, can you post a screenshot of it?