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Troop losses


I'm Human also and have all 3 military buildings, however 90% of my troop training is done in the Barracks. I use the Training Grounds for the steel tourney to train only Poison Dryad and get an easy 10k score there. I hardly use the Mercenary Camp at all until recently, one of @SoggyShorts last posts led me to train Frogs to take out Cerberus, and it works to some extent but anything else in the mix and they die almost instantly. I am a manual fighter and average over 4500 score weekly.

My answer to training more troops is to use won or crafted time boosters currently.

I made the same suggestion a year ago for separate training queue's, maybe someone could dig it out from the archive, but the response then and the replies now give the same answer.

That said I personally would love to see separate training queue's, as that could be a players choice anyway, as the extra supplies/orcs are needed for training 3 buildings simultaneously so more workshops/armories are then required.

Found my old thread - https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/troop-training-queue-suggestion.7080/
Caused some strife back then but all is forgiven and friends now. :)
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