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training troops


We have 3 seperate training areas but the same queue - so why have 3 buildings ? why not have 1 which does all as its pointless to have 3 buildings but only a single queue for all 3. Either remove the other 2 buildings or give each its own queue.


it does help us upgrade any one/two of those buildings without entirely zapping our ability to train troops .. since you can still use the other buildings while upgrade is happening

so yeah they do have their own queues in that respect.


Not really valid - I could be training 9 lots of troops not just 3 as it is - I have 3 buildings but can only train 3 lots of troops which means that 2 buildings are doing nothing, which means they are a waste of space if they don't have there own queues.


have 3 armories at lvl 4 and barracks is lvl 4 cannot upgrade any further as need either research or resources.
but still that means I have buildings sitting idle which could be training troops


You would struggle for enough supplies to have all 3 military buildings training all the time, and produce goods.


But this is the way the game was designed. They all share the same queue. But you CAN check your army using any building now which we could not do before.
Now. If you tech locked at level 4 with needing to research how can you be having THREE buildings to use?


ok so I viewed ahead in the research.
but the point is you may as well have a single building which does all the training and just list up all the troops that can be trained since there is only a single queue and therefore you have buildings doing nothing


The Armories allow more units to train simultaneously, in the training slots. That means, you have to fill the slots less often and can produce more Units over night. The higher level they are the more you can queue to build, also they give ranking points.
When you get to the orcs chapter each armory will become an orc breeding ground and produce the orcs right out of the armory/breeding ground and not the barracks queue system as well as keeping the unit training size system so they are worth every square they take up now. The Mercenary camp and the training grounds give you other types of units as well as provide ranking points so they are all good to have, I know you can only produce one type of unit to train at a time but by upgrading the armory you build more of them and queue other units to build after.. I agree it would be a good thing if the training grounds and mercenary camps had their own queue system but it is what it is and there are benefits to having them.
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