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Question Trader and unurium


Can somebody suggest why my trader’s unurium production has dropped from 35k a day to 34.2k please? I haven’t deleted any AW or anything like that so must be some subtlety that I’ve never known about

Thanks for reading.

Far Reach

The trader's daily production of Urunium is a fixed percentage of your working population. Might you have teleported out, or sold, a building using workers (e.g. a manufactory or armoury) ?

Mousing over the production number and collection bonus in the trader triggers a popup which shows how the values are calculated. The collection bonus depends on used culture and making extra collections is a simple way of boosting unurium income.


Thanks FarReach! You triggered the realisation that I brought in a stored steel manufactory to help with the basic goods event quests, and I teleported it back to store this morning derrrrrr. That explains it.