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Trade centre features


Hi i was jus wondering if on the beta version or pc
A player could select the different between the basic trades available and the sentient trades as i find my trade list seem so much longer now with the sentient goods i know we can upgrade out trade centre so we may trade but is there no selection in which we could see the basic n sentient separately like we are able to see fellowship trades and fee free trades?
if not i think ot would be a nice new feature that could be looked at adding into the next upgrade


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi @Babybrat there is the option available to separate your Basic and Sentient Trades in the Advanced Trader :)

Advanced Trader.png

If you tick the Box next to the Red, this will show you only Basic Trades, the Green Box will show you Sentient! Hope this helps!

Kind Regards