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Tourney player seeks 10 chest fellowship

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My city performance details are available on Elvenstats, so you can see my boosts and other info. I do regular NH, compete in both Adventures and The Spire.

My username is pleb the cat and I'm on the EN1 - Arendyll server.

No drama wanted, so no fellowships with people who are bonkers.
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Hi Pleb, are you still looking for a new FS? Check us out - Fellowship of Friends on EN1. We have one space available. We are definitely no drama, friendly FS which achieves 10 chests every week. Please read our group description and if you think we would be a good fit, send me a message in-game: Kimelve. Thanks.


Hi Pleb the cat - Gnome Warriors have one space left and we are looking for an advanced player to complete our friendly global fellowship! We don't get to 10 chests, but with your input that may be achievable! Check us out on EN1 Arendyll server. I am the Archmage from Australia! Cheers, pepper16


My apologies for not reading these posts sooner. I did find a new fellowship and things are good. It's nice to be able to help advance the fellowship in general and more junior players.