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Tourney Guest Spot Wanted


Hi all,
I am happy in my fellowship but have reached a stage where I need a blueprint. It is, at the moment, unlikely I will get a blueprint in my FS as it is new and growing.
I was wondering if there is a fellowship with an excellent track record of getting 10 chests who might be a player down for the next tourney - and would consider me as a guest for a week? I will, of course, follow the rules and play at least the minimum number of points needed - hopefully more as I am not a freeloader or seeking to be a passenger!
I'm house-trained, don't start flame wars and follow netiquette etc.
As stated I am looking for an FS who regularly, if not always, attain ten chests. Let me know if we can help each other :)


Yes, thank you that would be wonderful and I will be able to upgrade my magic residence! Shall I drop you a message after this tourney?