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Announcement Tournaments are coming to International!



Dear Elves and Humans,

In the last InnoGames TV Episode Timon and Oliver granted you a sneak peek into our next big feature: Tournaments.

Today we would like to inform you that we have already started the open beta phase for that feature on our Beta world. After the test phase of 2 weeks we will start the first tournament on a single market first to test the performance of the feature when a higher amount of players are playing it. We plan to start the first tournament for all markets worldwide in 3 weeks. :)

There is a very good reason for these 3 weeks of testing. If we find any critical bugs or other issues with the tournaments, the first tournament worldwide might be postponed. That's why this announcement is conditional.

As soon as we are ready to start tournaments for all players, we will let you know via the forums. :)

Best regards

Your Elvenar Team