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Tournament type and difficulty

Has anyone produced a list of the nine tournaments arranged by difficulty? My own personal experience is that planks and silk are easy and that scrolls is hard, but I have little information for any other tournament. It drives our decision when we want to go for 10 chests. Of course someone will tell me now that "with the correct troop selection they are all equally difficult".

MinMax Gamer

I doubt that there is a universal ordering of difficulty for all the tournament types, but I believe that it is rather non-controversial to say that steel is the easiest one, and scrolls and dust are the most difficult ones. Scrolls is generally considered to be the worst, as you already figured out ;)

And no, even with correct troop selection they're not all equally difficult.


The difficulty changes for humans\elves at different stages in the tech tree. For example, in my chapter and with my wonders, my training ground is quite a lot faster than my barracks. So, the last planks tourney is one where its helpful to use a lot of orc strategists. I also finished the 3 star tech upgrade for strategists recently (often a star upgrade makes that troop type more efficient to use for a period of time). In short, between the tech unit upgrade and the faster training grounds, planks was a fair bit easier for me this time than it was 9 weeks ago. Other examples of how things change include humans having a big advantage in gems and marble because their mages are soooo good (best troop type in game), and elves in any tourney that uses a lot of heavy ranged (golems being better than human mortars). On balance, humans have a better set of troops than elves though, the balance between the 2 isn't quite right.

So, the the following list has some qualifications, and as wonders and techs change so will the difficulties of various tourneys. But, as a rule of thumb, from easiest to hardest the tourneys imo:

Elixir (at least for elves with their golems)
Gems (would be #2 for humans imo)
Dust (although this gets a LOT easier with a decent level victory springs)


I would Say Planks Silk Gems easiest
Elixir marble steel crystal scrolls Dust its a toss up between scrolls and dust for the hardest


I would Say Planks Silk Gems easiest
It's steel.
  • Enlightened Light Range buildings,
  • Everyone has a needles of the tempest, so archers get buffed
  • Everyone has a Shrewdy so free archers
  • Archers have the highest initiative so they can hit first
  • Archers are ranged so they can stay away from enemies
  • Archers are only the main unit for 1 of 9 tournaments so you get more time to reload