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Closed | Archived Tournament Battles change - Negative


Regarding the tournament battles, I fight them manually. So I set up my troops, always including the one with the highest initiative, so I get to see the terrain first. And then I quit the battle, reconfigure my troops to get the best from the terrain, and start the same fight again.
Only now, all the terrain has changed around when I re-enter the same battle!!!

The release notes say "
  • Several technical improvements have been implemented for the battle system and more are to follow in upcoming versions. They are all of strictly technical nature and should not affect your experience with battles negatively in any way. Should you find any bugs, please do not hesitate to report them to us."
Well, this is Negative in a big way. If it was not intentional please say so and I will report the bug!
If it was intentional then please would you explain?


In the first fight I thought I imagined it. In the second I was certain. And by the fourth in the province ... well it was the only one left so I can't have carelessly exited one fight and re-entered the wrong one, because there really was just one left. The terrain was utterly different. And for a manual fighter this really definitely matters.


@Muf-Muf @Dizzy Lizzie

Care to explain why the devs are looking to make tourney fighting so troublesome? We already have the issue with the SS upgrades affecting us in a terribly bad way, so why is insult being added to injury?


It is going to make things so much harder to manually fight already difficult rounds, where going in and having a look at the terrain and then choosing troops accordingly is going to lead to big losses as when returning to fight all the terrain has totally changed to a different layout.

I sincerely hope this is an accidental change that will be rectified, otherwise it will make manual fighting anything beyond round 3 impossible.


Elvenar Team
The Tournament province lay-outs changing with every time you restart the same battle is not intended. We will have an update today which contains some changes that should resolve the problem. :)

Thank you for reporting the issue!