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Tome of the Phoenixes in Crafting Recipes Pet Food Slot


I do sometimes watch the auto-fight though,
Is that just a mobile feature @Jake65 ? I only auto-fight also. But it would be very useful to watch an auto encounter for those Spire fights where I lose and need to send a load of different troops in. So I can see what didn't work the first time.

I only use the browser version. How can I watch auto-fights? :)


[...] it would be very useful to watch an auto encounter for those Spire fights where I lose and need to send a load of different troops in. So I can see what didn't work the first time.
@SkyRider99 : Almost certainly the terrain was the problem. There are several Maps which in my view shouldn't even exist, since they require near-zero skill and the AI can't cope with them either, comprising what amounts to a wall of obstacles down the Hex column immediately in front of the Troops' starting position, so they are effectively incapacitated - apart from being able to file slowly out of one end of the 'obstacle funnel' thus created (and/or sometimes also via one single open middle Hex) - with predictable results, especially where one/both side(s) has Move 1/Strike 8 long-range Troops (Mortars/Cannoneers [and/or Frogs if it's a Province battle] which can hit the entire Map from the start.

Of course, the 'funnel' Map(s) - there are several variants, with between 5 and 7 of the 8 Hexes blocked from the start - can occur either/or/both in the player's or the AI's favour, and it can actually be mucho fun when only the AI Units are thus trapped, especially when those horrid MistWalkers are prevalent - they can't hit anything on the first shot of each Round, which is the most notorious of their abilities (they have higher Initiative than any other Unit in the game), which reduces them to a manageable degree of nuisance, for a change!

But overall, those Maps should be removed, in my opinion - there is, as I say, almost NO skill involved, and one often has to use Units which are actually counter-intuitive according to the Combat Pyramid; it's just a boring slog (for whichever side is trapped) even to get any useful Units out from behind the 'wall', before they've been slowly 'plinked to death' by Cannoneers/Mortars/Frogs - even where their opponents should be able to resist them under normal circumstances - and the AI, in addition to its usual vagaries, seems to have no comprehension that parking a Heavy Melee Unit at the HEAD of the procession of Units slowly exiting the 'funnel' is a really, REALLY bad idea, since HM Units move SO slowly - and are SO easily flattened by Light Ranged/Mage Units, which aren't much at risk from 'trapped' Enemy Light Ranged/Light Melee/Mage Units, either.

One can score a 100% loss-less victory, even vs 10,000+ normally dangerous AI Units (LR/Mage especially), with a favourable 'funnel' Map - but anyway, there's your reason, very probably, why what would appear to be an excellent or even auto-winning combination of Troops can and does sometimes get wiped out for what appears to be no reason - and why Manual players find such Maps less damaging, sometimes, but VERY dull!

@Herodite : My suspicions that you are, in fact, a witch are only growing (j/k!) - Not only have I not seen a Tome of the Phoeni ( :) ) in Crafting for days now, but last night I ALSO saw, and Crafted, my first 2019 'old' Bear Artifact in weeks, if not months. Those are EXACTLY what i need right now, in order to keep slowly evolving my now-Level 5 Polar Bear to its maximum extent, so I grabbed it - even if it did cost me 300 Diamonds for the Blueprint I was missing, as well as the sacrifice [worthwhile for me, at the moment] of quite a few 5% PPs for ~6,000 missing Spell Fragments.

Interesting side note : the lower the % value of any Resource Instant, the more it is worth pro rata in Spell Fragments. Whether or not this is intended, it's certainly useful - especially in my own case, since I more often Disenchant all those Spire-sourced 15% Coin Rains and Supply Windfalls than I use them for their actual purpose! In fact, and not that anyone asked: I am perennially more likely to win 15% Instants/5-10% PPs (and/or small Time-boosters - the 1-2 hr type) in the Spire than RNG alone would indicate, as opposed to Spell Fragments themselves, 8 hr Time Boosters, or indeed anything else, and I am chronically short of Fragments - even for Crafted items I consider essential such as Chapter-level replacement Festival Merchants, GotoS, etc. as well as [now near-essential] 5-day Boosters and Pet Food (and not forgetting those Event Quests which demand Frags...) - to the extent that I'm finally even running low on spare Event buildings, too even though I've rationed them as best I can and often tried to win large-footprint Event Buildings solely/largely for their Disenchantment value, too!

And yes, I know that this is quite intentional on Inno's part, so I'm in no way asking for the evidently carefully balanced availability of Crafting Resources to be altered... it would be lovely to have more Fragments (AND CCs, for that matter!), but I'm not a fan of opposing the inevitable... ;)

I also know that many, even most, later-game players who were able to complete the full Spire from the point when it was introduced are STILL in possession of (in some cases, enormous) stockpiles of Spell Fragments... but the Spire was long ago altered to give MANY less than it once did, before the point when I was even able to complete it all, so all I can say is: if anyone reading this DOES have a Frag mountain, spend it wisely! :D


So I made it just in time then. Got the 9th fire artefact on the weekend :) I now have a phully phledged Phoenix. Sorry, awphul joke :p

I also struggle getting enough fragments. I used to mutter whenever I got PP on the spire but now I'm grateful for the fragment value of them.


A phully phledged Phire Phoenix? Phair play (as we say here... = well done)! :D
Wow, sorry about that...! ^_^