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Time to say Goodbye



Platinum Leaf US2 came third in the FA - nice work everyone! Sadly that will be my last Elvenar event ever; I have decided with regret that it is time to leave all aspects of the game and return to real life and start to earn an income. Many people have made generous donations over the last year to help cover expenses, but sadly I am still struggling financially, living on a modest fixed income. Also I have started walking 10 km every day and growing healthier, and have lost 30 kg (70 pounds) in the process, and am struggling to find the time; constantly rushing to switch between real life and Elvenar world; it is getting too stressful - so sadly I must say goodbye; I plan to record the Winter Event Note, and once it is over on 11th December, I will leave you all.
Elvenar has been immensely good to me; running the two fellowships and the Facebook group gave me the self-confidence I needed to stop drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney, and for that I am most grateful and proud of the opportunity to have served you all.
Thank you for being with me on this wonderful journey! I have made great friends and met wonderful people, and it is extremely sad to say goodbye…


Now we have the problem of who will run each of the two groups in US2 and Beta, and take over the Facebook Group once I am gone. These three were founded in order to create an ethical, fun playing environment for the serious player, without using stolen game information or cheating; without bullying or bossiness; free of drama and conflict, and keeping things as simple as possible without all kinds of bells and whistles and unnecessary rules.
If you feel you can maintain those standards without turning my beloved groups into something I would not be proud of, please send me a private message.
No one has expressed interest in taking over the leadership role in-group, so I will have to advertise outside. I am definitely leaving the game after 11th Dec. I am not going to hand over my precious group to any old Tom Dick or Harry; applicants will be 'interviewed' online to find the right person who will continue what I started along similar lines.
Would anyone be interested in the job?


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
This is extremely sad news @Jackluyt but I think everyone appreciates that Real Life must come first.

I would personally like to thank you for your exceptional content and conversation during the time i've been here. You've been a fountain of knowledge to many and not to mention a very dedicated Player.

I think everyone would agree that your commitment to your sites and the information you share has been magnificent and I really hope that you find the right candidate to carry this on.

I am genuinely sad to see you go. But I wish you well in everything that you do in the future.

I send with you nothing but the Best and Many Blessings.

Kind Regards and HUGS

Herodite :)


Sorry to see you leaving Jack
but happy
to find out that your health is steadily improving! I wish you all the best in your endeavor and not last, a big THANK YOU for all the work you did over the years to keep us informed about events, changes and ... actually almost everything. :)
Big big hugs!


... what?! It's not April Fool's Day, right? But jokes aside - your level of commitment to Elvenar must be verging upon irreplaceable, @Jackluyt... and I can't imagine who else [now/ever] would be able - and willing! - to emulate you in that! But as you say : there's more to life than ANY game.

I'm not Irish, but Laurelin's Mum lived there for years, so here's how many an Irishman might put it:

May your path always rise to meet you, and the wind always be at your back.

And as anyone who's been here for more than ten minutes will, I'm sure, also add : you'll be missed, by many people, indeed.


Jack you have been a "Go To" for me, and a great many others I'm sure, we will miss your presence here so firstly I would like to thank you very much for your committment to the game and your dedication to helping all of us enjoy it to it's max. Secondly my I offer my congratulations on your improved health and my heartfelt best wishes to you and your future ventures.


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We are sad to see you go, Jack, but your life accomplishments go first, and all your changes are wonderful, and will mark your life.

We wish you a warm farewell, and most abundance and success from now on!

Don't be a stranger, Jack! :cool:


Thank you hugely for all the work you have put in to help us over the years. It will be sad to see you leave but I appreciate that real life must come first. Hope you can pop in now and again, if just to say hi. All the very best for the future. :)


That was unexpected... Time to thank you for all your commitment and your advice. To thank you for all the information you provided.

I'm sure that is was no easy decision. I wish you health and all the best, thanks again.

Silly Bubbles

All the best in your new adventure and thank you for everything you’ve done here. Onwards and upwards! :)
And wow, you've done some impressive changes.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
I am very saddened to read this, as your dedication to Elvenar has shone across the years. You will be missed by the community, but I am sure, like myself they will be happy to see that your health is improving apace too.
Wishing you all of the very best on your journey forwards...


This is my last morning doing the rounds of my Elvenar cities (though I will still be hanging around in the background on Facebook while the new team settles in, and still looking for a knowledgeable team leader with lots of time on his/her hands) - and I must confess that it is sad. But there is also an immense feeling of relief; running the playing groups has been immensely helpful for me to 'heal the hole in my soul', and I am grateful that you all were part of that. But one cannot go five years continuously without a single day off!!

Fortunately we have stand-in Arch-Mages for both groups who are quite able to continue to run them according to my unique vision and not let them degenerate to become a mere clone of the bigger, brasher groups. We have a combined Facebook chat for all the Admins, so they will still be able ask for help and explanations about the way I like things done, for a while, until everything settles.
I have thought about the groups' name and am happy to stick with Platinum Leaf; that is how everyone knows it and there is no real reason to change, unless you all decide to abandon my method and change my baby into something of which I would not approve or wish my name to be coupled with.

An amusing story: this morning I am still collecting factories and setting up production runs and the hundred and one things one does every day the way I always do - despite the fact that in 14 hours I am leaving my cities, never to return. This reminds me of the navy cook, who when the captain orders the stopcock valves opened to scuttle the ship so the enemy cannot capture it - washes all the dishes and stacks them neatly, before walking out his galley for the last time, as the ship sinks beneath his feet!

Thanks for the ride everyone, and go well!