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Time to say goodbye


Well, this is it. Back at the end of October I abandoned all of my cities except one - my very first city, and thus the most developed one. But as of now I have given up on that city too, completely stopped playing, and left the game. I didn't even make it to the end of Chapter 15, as I got bored of it when I had a few more techs remaining.

It was fun while it lasted, but over the years the game changed in ways that made it no longer enjoyable. Thus I have decided that it is time to cut my losses and look for another game to play.

Goodbye and good luck, everyone.


Sorry to see you go shadowblack but i fear you might not be the last one to feel the way you do especially about the tediousness of chapter 15. There are 3 people in my FS that are in chapter 15 (myself included) and none of us are finding it enjoyable, just a long and boring slog.