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Time to move on


I joined the guild i'm in because it is relaxed & chilled ( it's called "Chill" actually;)) only 2 of us left active here so now i'm ready for a new challenge ............ Having done the latest FA (my first) & got 2 chests on my todd , i'm hoping to find somewhere i can play with others & grow. I'm a daily player, my boosted goods are - Wood - Scrolls - Dust........ I'm on chapter 8 Orcs & Goblins....... I will leave my guild at end of FA , not sure if there's a cooldown period, whatever i'll be free agent in roughly 72hrs give or take....... If you can offer me a place , pls message me here or in game........ Luciana - Arendyll .......... Thanks :)

Thanks so much to the players who messaged me, i really appreciated your kindness. I can't find anywhere to delete this post so , i would like to say , I've found a new FS & wish everybody good luck for the future for you & your FS. Have fun.
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Have you joined a new fellowship?
If not contact me, you sound like the person we are looking for :)