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Hi all :elf::human:! I never made a post here on The Lounge before. So I thought I'd give it a go.

As we all know, Elvenar chat, sounds and even the music is bugging from time to time for different reasons. So I though what would be nice music for building your town, and then doing the massacre (tournies) in your mind? Haha! :D

We, The Assassins are a tournament focused team with experience and commitment to getting 10 chests on a weekly basis & every week we have top scoring members in Arendyll Global rankings too (team full). See ElvenStats on Assassins

:cool: But this isn't about recruiting nor tournies! THIS IS ABOUT MUSIC! :cool:
- "What do you listen to when you play? Any suggestions?"

To start it off myelf and I don't know where this might go, but here is one I like on both situations (building & tournies), but that's just me:
Sol De Bossa (bossa nova full album)

Please note: *You can add a youtube link on Elvenar. All players music-suggestions are welcome here and please listen before you judge, or better yet do not judge & be quiet and make a better suggestion...or just listen to the suggestions and play... or do what you like, this is the Lounge! :cool:

Hope to get sum new good links :p Thank you.

alduil celebrindal

I use "Celtic Music" in many things While Working, While Gaming.
My favorite Theme is this one.
(To wait a Treants Guild Production :p)
(Waiting a Bakers Guild Production :p)
(9 Hours at Work, Dreaming or a Farmers Guild Production ;))

My Favorite Music for tournaments are these ones
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I now can't stop thinking about music from LOTR...


OMGoodness! abduil celebrindal! What a great post! Never heard of any of your recommended composers! Came across your post by accident when browsing the lounge for the first time! So glad I did as I now have an 'Elvenar' playlist as long as your arm! This has really been a memory jogger for me, taking me back many years to when I first started to listen to new age music, that sadly I haven't been able to find on CD or Spotify! Your recommendations are absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!
And ooopschan! Have also added LOTR's to my playlist! So thank you for the reminder!


What I usually listen to: classical, folk, world, new age and symphonic metal. Here are a few samples of my musical taste:






You have no idea how many more like this I'm willing to recommend but I'll refrain from doing so for now. :p


I have a peculiar musical test, I like gaming music, elven too, and space music as well. However, for a while I have listening to this radio:

And relaxing:

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