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Quests Think about Chapter quests more (end of Constructs)


After the epic failure that was the quest chain in the Amuni chapter, the Constructs chapter was going pretty well with no stupid quests to complete. There was a quest a while ago where I had to makes loads of little droids that I didn't need because I'd made thousands more than would ever be required, but that wasn't too much of an annoyance.

Then *this* quest pops up. Note that this quest can only appear once you're on the very final tech of the chapter, since it requires you to have upgraded your Main Hall and built an aqueduct from the previous two techs.

Now I'm being asked to deliver massive amounts of Elvenarin (which I don't need to produce any more because I've already made just enough to finish the chapter) in order to obtain a reward of 1000 Basic droids that I definitely don't need at this stage and can't imagine any player would EVER want. 10 seconds of thought by the designers should have put this quest into the dustbin where it belongs.

Hopefully when I finish the last tech of the chapter tomorrow, I'll be able to cancel it.

Please give these quests a little more thought.


I stop storyline quests when one appears that doesn't fit my own plan. Simple. It's no great shakes. Once I reach the end of a chapter I cancel it then scoop up whichever of the subsequent ones that offer themselves.

In Elementals it happened on either the first or second quest right at the start when it asked me to hand over 100k mana. Forget that. I'll see you at the end of the chapter thanks.


The chapter quests of Amuni and Constructs aren't exactly helpful for the player. You can finish much faster if you ignore the quests, because you can get along fine with less guest race buildings and less upgrading. I think this is intentional, to avoid us racing through the chapters - but I may be wrong, it's just my thought.

And no, you won't be able to skip the quest tomorrow. You need to be in the next chapter to be able to decline the chapter quest, so no luck until the next chapter is released. If you want to know which quests are still to be done, you may look them up at elvengems.


Yup, have now discovered that the quests don't unlock on finishing the last technology. Bah!

The Amuni chapter was awfully designed and balanced, meaning it wasn't remotely worthwhile building and upgrading everything to maximum. So the quests asking you to do so were worthless and I cancelled them when I could. There was also the "joke" of making you pay a huge amount of resources for 1 coin reward. It was funny the first time, but the chapter outlasted the joke about 4 or 5 times over.

Constructs, in contrast, was working well for me. Building and upgrading everything to maximum really did help move the chapter forward faster. So the quests were easily achievable (if you've got the space!). Of course, the balance is thrown out by the portal boosters, which are basically a game-breaking feature! But I was making such good progress I didn't feel the need to use any after I fast-tracked my portal to level 4. I did chuck a load of 33% ones from the current event at the "Evolved Workshops 2" column, and another 5% at the end so I could finish today rather than tomorrow morning, but otherwise it was fine.

The Elementals chapter was just very dull in my opinion. Overly complicated without being interesting. Amuni and Contructs were much better in that respect.

If you want to see how the chapters balance and help manage your production, I've been creating spreadsheets for tracking progress through each chapter since Orcs and Goblins. I abandoned the Elementals chapter because it was so dull. But it was really useful on the Halflings chapter and did help with upgrade and production decisions on Amuni and Constructs.

Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aaZuigNZX5YIy4HcvzdtWycCdAxmopQL2p2vQn1Xnmg/edit?usp=sharing


I completed all the Amuni quests, even the declinable ones as I knew there was no rush to finish, so took my time and enjoyed the story for once.
These days in the game I do the same with events, take my time and immerse myself into the story. :)