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Theone is recruiting


Theone is recruiting! Some of our fellows stopped playing and now we can offer a home for four friendly and active players.

We are laid back yet active, drama free and helpful. We get more than 10 tournament chests every week and usually Spire Silver. We also partake in FAs for the fun of it. For a quick and comfortable upgrading of our wonders we offer a Wonder Society KP swap pool.

To ensure all this, a minimum of 1000 tournament points and 4 visits to the whole fellowship is expected from everyone.

If you like to join our great team or if you have any questions, please message me here or in-game.

Happy gaming,


I can't promise, your fellowship is next....I am a man of my word.... :D
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One vacancy left for an active player. We accept cities that have unlocked tournaments regardless of size or goods boosts.