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Closed | Archived The "you don't have enough KPs" bug


This bug has been around for a very very long time. It was most recently posted here on November 16th but the first time was long before that. Do the devs know about it now, and it just hasn't made it to the top of the fix list yet? Or are they hoping for more information?

This is the bug where you have a nearly full KP bar and you put in 9 KPs, and wait counting down the seconds for that 10th KP. The countdown finishes, the KP appears in the bar, all the little buttons turn golden and say you have a KP to spend ... but when you press a button the error box pops up "you dont have enough KPs".
I've actually waited as much as 10 minutes after the arrival of that KP, and I still get the error!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
This is not a bug it is the way that the Knowledge Point bar works on any of them (not just the 10th) as there is simply a 3 second delay.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
That could be down to needing to do a game refresh if the browser or app has been running in the background whilst not being played. But generally a 3 sec delay from countdown to use.
One of the biggest things we notice is players not clearing the cache after we have updated the game. Not sure if this is because people do not realise what their hardware stores that make the game look buggy.


It is true on the app that the timer appears to freeze up at the point of adding the new KP, then doesn't appear until you refresh or change screens.


This "bug" is starting to happen more often than it did. I have cleared cache and cookies and it still happens. It does not matter how many KP are in the bar or how long is left before the next one will appear. When paying KP a pop up appears saying you do not have enough KP, when you click to add the KP again it works as it should. When you get the pop up the number of KP you had in the KP bar does get added to wherever you were paying them and then when you click to add the KP again the KP get added again although when you close and reopen the item where you were paying the KP only the correct amount will have been added. Example, click to add 5 KP to a AW and the 5 KP get added but you get the pop up saying not enough KP, click to add the 5 KP again and it works as it should and adds another 5 KP to the total. When you close and reopen the AW only the 5 KP that were supposed to be added have actually been added.
I actually think this is a bug because it never used to happen.


I get the same bug as Timneh except I usually have to exit the wonder first and then I can add the Kps normally. I have the feeling it mostly happens when I leave the game running in a background widow (I mostly play on browser) and come back to it a bit later. However it happens regardless of how much time I wait before trying to add kps. Even if the clock is back in sync and I have done a few other things in my city before going to the AW. .


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
@Timneh pop me a support ticket over if this is a problem @Hekata yep that the issue as even though the clock is back in sync that takes a few seconds to register with everything else as the coding stacks up and then evens out, which is quite 'normal' now we have the clock doing this. Before we just all had to refresh the game, but that meant we then did not see this.