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Answered The Spire - When to Quit?

rock stream

All of a sudden I can't win (auto) fights on the first level of the spire. I have even managed to loose a fight before the first door. I have noticed that all the enemy troops have 3 stars and larger squad sizes while about a 1/3 of my troops have 3 stars. Is it time to quit the spire until more of my troops get to 3 star? Even fights that I do win wipe out 3/4 of or more of my troops.
Maybe I should cater but I'm not sure it is worth it.
In a way it won't be too big of a deal as I no longer get enough spells for crafting by doing only one level.


Just keep going. I can´t tell you what exactly seems to be the problem, but where there is a will there is always a way...
Spire formula is basically the same as tourney, so if you want to make it easier: delete non-military AWs for starters. upgrade the militray ones to make your troops more and stronger.
Convincing spirits is definitely an option. I really like the mastermind minigame. I play if for fun sometimes even if the fight is easy. It also gives you the chance to use up resources you have a lot of, while fightingonly fights when you need to save a certain resource.


You are auto fighting. You should be able to go a bit further if you do manual fighting and use the best tactics. Usually, it doesn't make much difference, but can make a big difference in some instances. Certainly if you lose an auto fight, go back in manually to see why it's a problem. It might be an issue of geography trapping your troops.


Did you upgrade to a new chapter recently? Seems like there is a point in the game where 2 star opponents suddenly become 3 star opponents.

Welcome to the club of those who are unable to fight in spire. Catering is the way to go. You have to get those library sets to have enough CCs coming in to be able to do crafting in MA. Not saying you have to go to top of spire, but you need to do something every week. Slowly cooking makes for tasty food.

rock stream

Just entered wood elves.
I have gone back and looked at the map layout. While not favorable it wasn't the single file crap map. Manual fighting is winnable but at a cost of extreme boredom and most of the troops.
I'm not getting enough spells frags for crafting so I have lots of CC's.
Guess a start would be to quit making useless troops. Maybe I could do the spire every now and again when I have excess goods. I will miss crafting.