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The Secret Realm

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Hello Dear players, o//

The Secret Realm is the 1st Fellowship created on Felyndral (17/05/2017) and We usually get 1st on tournaments even with 23 players atm (check us on Elven Stats https://www.elvenstats.com/fellowship/en3/110, We are ranked 8th on Fellowship Rankings We love tournaments and FA and We are looking for 1 tournament enthusiast that also enjoys the FA !

We are a very friendly Team, We help each other in every way, offers taken very fast, you will surely have fun with us, and last but not least We do not allow cheating at all.

We get 10 Chests every tournament and have achieved Top positions on FA ! \\o// . :)

It's important to get everyone on the same page and so only players that enjoy tournaments will be considered, size (score) doesn't matter here, but your motivation to get involved in tourneys and events does.

If you are interested to join The Best Team in Felyndral(and the whole game) please do message me in game or here.

Kind Regards ♥ o//
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Always try to go for the best. Presently ranked at 3900 I would be pleased to join the forum

Best regards