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The Oasis of Gardens recruiting!

Agota 89

Are you a part of a dead fellowship, surrounded by ghost-like cities with no communication or support? Are you playing solo but want to try what is is like to harvest great prizes together with an awesome team?
Lucky for you, we have one opening in our Fellowship, the Oasis of Gardens. (EN3 Felyndral)
The team was founded in May this year so we are fairly new, yet very powerful, fun and supportive. We have players from all around the world.
All of us are active with daily visits, tournaments and Spire, that is why our stats are improving a lot - we are currently ranked 274 but achieving 10/11 chests in the tourneys and at least bronze in the Spire.
We help eachother to build, upgrade Ancient Wonders, and have fun in the chat! We even have an optional private Facebook group.
The new candidate should be preferably boosted in crystal, gems, dust or marble, and of course you should actively contribute to the team’s achievements. Ideally you should have reached chapter 5 or more.
If this sounds interesting, check us out on Elvenstats, and you can drop me a message also.
Agota 89 - Archmage


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Agota 89

It happened that one of our active players had to leave due to real life problems, so we have an opening again!