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The Oasis of Gardens is recruiting!

Agota 89

The Oasis of Gardens is recruiting! (Felyndral EN 3)

1 spot has become available in our fantastic family of Elvenar fans!

We are achieving 11-12 chests every week on the tournaments, so if you love the tourney and want to secure a guaranteed blueprint weekly, this might be the place for you

Spire - Achieving at least Silver trophy but we are working our way towards gold.

How do we stand out?

Our team was established in May this year, but our statistics are constantly improving due to each and every members contribution- last time we ended the FA at #40 among the top fellowships!
We love to improve our strategies and gameplay through encouraging and fun daily discussions.
We have an optional private Facebook community that supports our goals even better.

Our Wonder community helps us advance the level of our Ancient Wonders really fast!

What about you?

* You love Elvenar!

* You are motivated to play in a supportive, friendly team to reach common goals, while also motivated to advance your own city and you make progress.

* You love the tourney and have the ability to contribute at least 1000 pts each week. More is always welcome

* You love climbing the Spire but if you fall, you should know that you have a backup support team that you can rely on.

* You trade fairly. At least 2 star and limited cross tier 3 star.

* You have at least 60.000 pts and preferably boosted in either marble, silk or gem.

* You prioritize boosted manufactories.

If this sounds interesting, please reach out to Agota 89 in game (Archmage).

Look forward to hearing from you!


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