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The March of The Queen EN2 - Winyandor


Hello everyone!
Despite the name, we are an international Fellowship on EN2 - Winyandor. We are a 10 Chest Tournament fellowship - and looking forward to completing our team!
-We are friendly, not strict - and certainly not bossy!
-We treat others kindly and enjoy the game! In fact, that's the main rule.
-We also have KP exchange threads to help us maximize the ancient knowledge.
-Participation in Tournaments is mandatory, but decent scores are ok.
-Spire – you join in if you want to. We advise our team to do so, because of personal rewards, but it is your decision.
-We don't care how many points you have or which chapter you are in. In fact, some of our best members joined from the beginning. All we want is interest in game, will to learn and activity.
-For Adventures: we are very much team playing FS as we always help each other. For our team the FA (if it stays once every 3 months or so) is the most fun part and we demand activity in terms of at least some effort. We don't want you to rebuild your city, but decent amount of necessary buildings are required. The last two Events are the proof of our collectivity as we overachieved with 16th and 18th place respectively, which is a lot more than the total score ranking suggests, despite some absences during the holidays.
Is there a chance you might consider joining The March of The Queen? Please let me know via the forum or PM in game.

Best regards,