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The Lost City Players - Recruiting


We are recruiting active people who regularly visit once, contribute to tournaments, adventures with a bunch of friendly people who wish to progress further.

ALL BOOSTED GOODS CATERED FOR. Currently looking for more players who have one or two of the the following list:

The Ideal recruit will have:

Steel, Silk and Elixir as boosted goods.

You will still be considered if you have either one of the above with one of the following:

Marble, Scrolls, Gems.

We are looking for friendly, fun and communicative individuals, who want to be a part of a thriving and established fellowship - in return we are prepared to help you to grow.

There are few rules , to ensure we continue to thrive:
1). Do neighborly visits as much as possible, preferably daily but at least 4 days a week.

2). For players with a score of 5000 or under - 150 points Minimum in Tournament
20000 score or under 300 points
50000 score or under 400 points
over 50000 - 500 points minimum in the tournament
All players are required to contribute more as you progress through the levels, in the last 2 tournaments most of the points were from the top 10 members, June Scroll tournament just gone we reached our PB for 2020 with 6 chests, aiming for higher for the next tournaments to come.

3). Please put your desired neighborly help buildings at the start of your city names if you have a preference.

4). Please place only fair trades (2 star and above), Cross Tier Trades by agreement only.

5). If you need help getting any specific goods just ask and remember to offer your specialty in regular trades if you have excess).

6). Remember to respect the rules and other members. Above all have fun! :)